On my way – Chapter 16

Jan 6, 2012 – 8:30 PM

Came home and finished my dinner. I guess I was more silent throughout. Vasu noticed this and was probing me.

Vasu: ‘Any new shit in the workplace?’

Me: *silent*

Vasu: ‘Don’t tell me it is Arti. You guys are back in action anyway. Something you looked forward to very much. Right?!’

Me: *staring at him intently*

I reached out to his cigarette box and took a cigarette and lit one. I could notice that Vasu’s jaw already dropped. I wanted to make it more heroic. I took a big drag and let out the smoke while my eyes were closed. I secretly hoped that I shouldn’t be coughing. Slowly, I opened my eyes and looked at Vasu. He had watery eyes. I didn’t know if it was because he became emotional or if he was unblinkingly looking at me. Our eyes were seriously locked with each other’s for a while like those shown in Indian movies. As expected, Vasu and I burst into laughter so loud that the entire street would have heard it. Vasu was kicking me everywhere jovially, still in shock.

Vasu: Fucker!!!!! When did this start?!!!! What the fuckkkkk? I can’t believe it. Tell me..

Me: Not even more than 24 hours. But yeah I smoked an entire pack last night.

Vasu wanted to know the whole damn story now and so I told him. He was just annoyed that I would take a decision to smoke with Arti for the first time and not with him. He was eagerly waiting to inform this to Chinju.

Vasu: Chal, let’s have beer today! There is a new one in the market! India made. It’s been garnering good reviews. Draught beer types. You can handle it.

Me: No machi! Not really in the mood!

Vasu: Hahahaha! As if you can drink a beer. Please…

Me: Done? Anything else?!

While we were having this useless discussion, Vasu’s phone rang and I thought it must be Chinju and so I was wondering what would happen next. He would go to the terrace and start talking to her for hours and hours while he finishes off his pack of smoke. Lovers these days, I tell you! Just when those thoughts were flashing, Vasu answered the call and looked at me for a second and handed the phone over to me. I was wondering how he could have possibly told Chinju about my smoking habit.

I took the phone straight to my ear to say hello and it was Arti!

Arti: Hello???

Me: Arti! How did you get Vasu’s number?!

Arti: That’s not important! Why didn’t you answer my calls?

Me: First tell me, how did you get Vasu’s number..

Arti: Arghhhh.. He is one of my friend’s juniors in college.. I have my ways of stalking you… I could hear Arti laughing.

Me: Mmmmm.

Arti: Alright. Now tell me! Why why why why why why..

Me: Because you said you were getting married..

Arti: I am sorry?!

Me: Am I audible?

Arti: Yes

Me: Because you said you were getting married. It was hard for me to digest at the first go.

There was silence at Arti’s end. I don’t know why I blurted it out. Vasu was even more at shock. He was giving one of those “I told you bitch” looks and he was just walking around in frustration.

Me: Arti? You there?

I guess Arti was tearing up slightly on the other side. Her tone was more composed now. God, I hate such sentimental shit!

Arti: Yes..

I could hear her almost choking up. Speaking of such things, sentiments and emotions have never worked for the both of us. Usually, it is Arti who is very chilled. Maybe she must have been upset because I confronted her with my emotions which she must not have expected.

Me: Leave it. I know we were never going to end up together anyway. Gosh! I don’t even know if I could end up with anybody for that matter.

Exactly, at this point, my phone rang in my pocket.

Me: See, I told you. Did you hear the sound. Jinx! This is a message from heaven to me in affirmative that I would.. never.. end up with anybody…

Arti was laughing her ass off. Vasu and I were laughing on this side too. I took my phone out to see the text. It was Aisha! My reaction changed immedately.

The message read, “Hi there! I have boarded the bus to Chennai. Will be in the city by 7 AM tomorrow. Looking forward to see you.. Xoxo“. It was a weirdly goosebumps moment for me.

Arti and Vasu sensed my silence from both ends and asked me if I am alright. Vasu tried to come closer to see the SMS on my phone. I locked my phone and signalled him to fuck off and continued my conversation with Arti who was still coming back from her huge-ass laughter.

Me: So, when is your wedding?

Arti: It’s not been fixed yet. I will let you know when it is. I don’t care anyway. I have you.

At this point, I felt like saying bitch please! But then I composed myself.

Me: Yes. You do! Alright, what else?

Arti: Fucker.. Don’t cut the call. I will call on your phone. Answer it.

Me: Sure.

Arti: Yayyyy! Awesome. Love you sweety!

Me: Love you too!

I hung up the call and handed the phone to Vasu. I could see that he was clearly annoyed at me. I also took my phone from my pocket and switched it off and looked at Vasu.

Sid and friends

Me: Shall we have that beer you were talking about?!

Vasu looked like a kid who got charged up immediately. He beamed like a 100 watts bulb.

Vasu: Yes Yes Yes! Fuck everything! Let’s go!

And we did end up going to a bar near our place and would stay there till it got shut.

Beer taste was sour. But it gave me high. In the end, I had 4 full beers and smoked 10 cigarettes. Vasu had the same except maybe more cigarettes. I guess I made his day somehow by boozing with him. He was happy all along and talked about our school days, Chinju and their future ahead which is a question mark and how his work has been hectic etc.,

(To be continued…..)

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On my way – Chapter 15

Jan 5, 2012 – 1:56 AM
I thought she was joking. I mean, come on, she can’t possibly say some crap like this in the middle of an unforgettable night.  So, I let it go. I acted as if I didn’t care when she told me that she is going to get hitched with someone really soon.
And so, the conversation continued.
‘Umm…. You didn’t. That’s not important now anyway!’, said I.
There was no reply from her side. So, I assumed that she had dozed off and I cut the call and tried to sleep. Power was not back yet. I don’t remember when I slept after that.
Jan 6, 2012 – 8:30 AM
I woke up at around 8 AM, unable to tolerate the stink of cigarettes. It must have been around seven hours but it was still there. I was surprised. And I decided not to smoke anymore because it was shit. My throat had this unpleasant taste which I don’t even know how to describe. Like you can’t imagine!
9:40 AM  I got ready to office in an hour after a series of usual morning rituals which includes brushing, pooping, going out for a cutting chai and showering after that. Still no reply from Arti. Button start in my bike gave some trouble. I think I should give my bike for service( I hate it!) So, I kick started it and rode on in the IT Highway for the next forty minutes.
I tried not to think about last night but somehow the red light in the signals made me go over about it. Everything else was going fine or at least I thought so.
There is this signal near Sholinganallur where all the vehicles try to find their way to the front even if they get a millimeter of space. It’s a huge signal that connects four different parts of outer Chennai. With all my driving expertise, I managed to come to the front of the line. That’s when the red light flashed and I was unable to go across the road because this huge, potbellied traffic cop was standing right in front of me. I had to wait for another twenty minutes before the fat traffic cop decided to have some form of pity towards our never ending line and allowed us to go across the road. I wish that a bus runs over him someday! Every time he stops a vehicle, he makes sure that he gets at least a two hundred bucks without bill!
In that twenty minutes, a lot of questions came to my mind. For some, the auto-response came immediately. For some, it took some time to go through my brain to validate whether the answer was solid. They are given in order below :
1) How did I smoke eight cigarettes yesterday?!
     Because of Arti.
2) Did we have phone sex yesterday?
     Probably not. I don’t remember.
3) Did she tell me that she is going to be married soon?
     Yes, she did.
4) Why did she say that? (For this question, the auto-response came after six seconds, if I am not wrong)              BECAUSE, SHE IS A BITCH! (I convinced my mind saying that this response came out of sheer frustration. I still liked her)
5) You know this is a time pass. Then, why are you worried?
     I DON’T KNOW or I am not ready to accept it.
Before the next question flashed, my eyes fell upon this hot girl who came from nowhere and stood near my bike, waiting to cross the road. She must be around 22 I guess. She was in a red kurti and wore this big black coolers which hid the most appealing parts of her face. Anyways, the cleavage was quite heavy and her back was really really really sexy. In the shape! Ufff…
That is when my testosterone level went up. It persuaded my brain to generate a different set of questions which I enjoyed listening to.
6) Will I be able to bang this chick?
    Yes, you can. Lot of work needed!
7) Did I JERK OFF yesterday?
8) Did I watch porn yesterday?
9) Why?How could I not watch?!
    Because of Arti holding on to my back all the time!
I convinced myself by saying that it is because of not watching porn or jerking off, my mind was wandering in circles about this issue. While I was exploring the possibility of jerking off in the office after reaching, the traffic cop pressed the button from his hand remote and the green light flashed and I vroomed my pulsar, letting ‘the girl with attractive bosom’ go off my mind.
10:43 AM Reached office. Came to my cabin. Still no messages from Arti. I was confused. Decided to go to cafeteria for a while.
10:50 AM – Cafeteria – Was sitting alone. Colleagues had not come yet. I thought of calling Arti. But, my ego never allowed it. Because I had to maintain that ‘Cool Yo’ attitude all the time. While I was pondering about it, I got a text on my mobile. Thank god! I unlocked it to see the message. It was Vasu. Fuck!
Vasu : Machan. I am in Mangalore now. Having a great time here. I will be coming only on Sunday night. Enjoy the weekend! Bang some chicks!
Me : Okay. Enjoy. Have the courtesy to inform if you consider me as your roommate let alone your best friend. Fuck you
Vasu : 🙂 Sure machan. It was all planned randomly by Chinju. Not by me. So, fuck you. 😉
Some people are fortunate enough to lead the life in their way. Hmmmmm..
11:20 AM Back in my cabin. Started to work.
12:50 PM Ten mins before lunch, a text came from Arti.
Hey, Amlu. Morning.. Sryyy.. Noon… I had a call today with the client which I totally forgot and ignored last night. Because of you 🙂 .. Love you… Mmuah…
Because of me!? My ass! I think she must have been on a call with her fiancee or something. Who knows?!
I am not going to sit and wallow in it. I didn’t reply to her text message. As usual, it was followed by 11 missed calls, 8 messages of ‘Hi’, 14 messages of ‘I Love you’ in different formats with a lot of emoticons from her. I was secretly happy that she was back in her ‘crazy on me’ mode but I feared that I was becoming obsessed with all these things and losing myself along the way. I should never let that happen.
1:40 PM I had my lunch with Rahul. Tamilnadu Meals. He is my colleague who joined in Intel on the same date with me. He is from Bangalore. He was a good company to spend time with. I never liked him. I don’t know why. He must be 5 feet 5 inches in height and had a decent physique.Chapter 15 He wore glasses and was always dressed neatly in formals. He is single and ready to mingle. No bad habits as far as I know. He is like that kid in ‘Johnson & Johnson’ baby soap TVC. He had this habit of having coconut water everyday post lunch. All shops are stalled outside our office campus which meant we have to take a walk of at least half a kilometer to have it. There is also a Hyderbadi Biriyani outlet in a shopping complex outside. That’s where people go out to have chai or to stock up on their cigarettes. Rahul used to call me everyday for a walk after lunch. I had always ignored it. For some reason, I felt like going out for a change because I was clearly not focused on my work today. So we took a stroll towards the place. I also had a coconut water sponsored by him. After that, I felt like my stomach was so full. For the first time, I needed a cigarette. I read somewhere that after meals, smokers have the urge to go for a puff. I started only yesterday. How is this possible? Am I a chain smoker now? No, I am not. I convinced myself. Plus, what will Rahul think about me?! He is an extremely disciplined guy who does not entertain this even as a fantasy. If he sees me smoking, he would stop talking to me and may be even cancel our future luncheons together. I would be really happy to dine alone but I don’t want to miss such an innocent and good character from my life. Otherwise, I am surrounded by chutiyas only!
We were having some useless conversations only. Mostly, Rahul asking me a lot of questions about my lifestyle and all that.
2:20 PM Back in the cabin after loitering around in the office corridor. Clearly, not in the mood to work today. Thinking of texting someone.
2:23 PM (Texting Vaidhyanathan aka VD, my best friend)
Me : Hey VD, What’s up?!
VD : ??
Me : What?!
VD : Is it you or someone else using your mobile?!
Me : It’s me fucker!
VD : Okay, you don’t text me from office. What do you want?!
Me : Nothing. Just…….
VD : Something is bothering you. I am not in the mood to talk now. Fuck off!
Me : K.. Bye…
What kind of a person has this guy as his best friend?! Mistake is all on my side only. 
Another 12 messages from Arti. She was going nuts I guess. HAHAHAHAHAHHA! I was happy for it. How can she say that she is getting hitched with someone soon?! That too yesterday during the first time I smoked! Wrong timing! I was thinking of replying her. That’s when I got a text. It was from Aisha, my college friend(I have already mentioned this. Just in case if you have forgotten her, she works for TCS now in Bangalore) other than Vasu and Chinju.
Aisha : Hey Sid, what’s up?!
I was very excited to reply her.
Me : Hey Aisha. Nothin much. How are you?
And then the conversation sped up.
Aisha : All good. How are you?
Me : Am good.
Aisha : 🙂 Listen. Any plans this saturday?
My heart skipped a beat. She is Bangalore. I am in Chennai. Why is she asking this?! I have never had a good weekend with others except Vasu, Chinju and VD. Usually, my Saturday nights are spent in sitting at Elliott’s Beach at Besant Nagar and Sundays in Chennai City Centre Mall where I go in the evening, buy a lot of books as if I am a compulsive reader(I still have some 30 books to read! Utter shame!) and eat in McDonald’s till I choke myself to death. But, a text from Aisha clearly invigorated me. I welcomed the prospect of she having plans for me because she is one of those good and hot girls who has always wanted to spend time with me in the college and I find it easier to go out with her because there have never been phony conversations between us. Holding all these thoughts, I replied her.
Me : No plans.
Aisha : Cool, I will be in Chennai on Saturday morning. Cousin’s marriage. We should meet up!
Thank God! Some relief from this ‘Arti bullshit’ for a while. I am not gonna text her till the end of this week. Let her go and do whatever she wants! I replied Aisha immediately.
Me : Sure. City Centre Mall in Mylapore?
What a chutiya I am! Don’t I know any other place in Chennai other than this mall?! Anyways, I messaged it. I can change it later.
Aisha : Sure. We will go anywhere you wish. You will meet me in the marriage hall?! It’s at Anna Nagar. I’ll text you the address.
Me : Cool.
Aisha : Also, one more thing. My dad wants to meet you. Just allocate five minutes of your time for that for me pls?! ;P 🙂
Whatttt?!!! Why does her dad want to meet me?!!!!!!!!!!
(To be continued…)
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On my way – Chapter 14

January 4, 2012

8 : 30 AM

Yes, it happened. Damn! 7 cigarettes……. Back to back! Arti smoked eight! I wanted to match her level. The only difference is she knows the process of smoking properly. I don’t, though I am surrounded by a bunch of chain smokers. First timers always find it difficult! Anyways, right to the flashback…..

Jan 4, 2012 – 1:00 AM

As usual, we were seated opposite each other with our laptops being the only barrier! Practically speaking, this small piece which hardly weighs five pounds increases the love (more importantly the intimacy) between us. I still remember Arti telling me not to ditch her on this smoking thing. Luckily, Ruchita was working in night shift and Vasu had gone out somewhere with Chinju and will be coming only after two days. First time, when I bought the cigarettes, hands were shaking as if I had actually smoked.  I went far away from the place I live and work to buy a pack of cigarettes. Goldflake Kings it was! Arti bought Classic Milds as she told me that this brand was unavailable in Mumbai.
Secretly, I was happy that my fantasy was becoming true. Surprisingly, the picture of dad or mom didn’t even come to my mind. I was completely hypnotized by this girl. She had also bought a lighter which I didn’t. I went the total Indian way. Used matches. Both of us lit up our first cigarette. My heart was in my mouth. Arti was excited very much. That made me forget everything.

Cigarette #1

The first one was crazy. I was dragging it through my mouth and that’s it! I didn’t know how to take it in through to my lungs. I felt it was never going to be possible. But, you cannot give up in front your sweetheart right?! I was enjoying it too. It’s only a matter of time before I actually learn it properly.
Both of us decided to drag it together and we started at the same time but Arti was too quick. She closed her eyes and dragged it deep enough that it must have filled her lungs. She opened her eyes and it was vaguely seen because of the smoke let out from her mouth.
‘Oh, Sid! This feels orgasmic!’
I dragged it somehow. It was only drifting around in my mouth and I let it out too.
‘Yes.. This is incredible’
‘Told you. What are you gonna give to me in return for this?’
The curiosity in her eyes and the smile on her lips killed me.

Cigarette # 2

‘Whatever you want Arti’
‘Yes. You can ask anything!’
Already, we were tripping as if we had some Spanish weed.
‘Okay, then. Marry me!’
I expected something else from her like last time. Thought this would go in a different track for which the general reason is always the hormonal instigation! But, it didn’t. Arti is hornier than me. But, this time, it looked like she was onto something else.
‘I have already said I will. Talk something else’
‘What when?!’

Cigarette # 3 

Arti was already going to complete the third one while I had just started and it had only been ten minutes then.
‘When will you marry me?’
‘Whenever you’re ready’
She was observing me for a long time in a still position with the ash outgrowing the length of the remaining cigarette in her hand. I was looking into her eye.
Then, she smiled. It is this fucking smile that makes me not to go away from her.
‘Glad. That’s fine for me’, said she with a wide grin.
She was back to her usual self. I lost it. Why is she opening up about some issue very seriously and then quits it as such?! Anyways, chuck it. I don’t have the mental maturity to think about it too. I feel she is time passing. THERE WILL BE NO LOSS FOR ME IN THIS RELATIONSHIP!!!
‘Sometimes, I can’t understand what you are up to, Arti!’

Cigarette # 4

‘What are you saying?’
I wanted to tell her that she is only flirting around with me and it didn’t look real at all.
‘Never mind!’, said I , ignoring her words.
I think I puffed a bit of the smoke deep inside for the first time. It felt crazy. There was silence between us for the next five minutes.

Cigarette # 5

‘Anyways, let’s talk some real stuff. What do you want to do today amlu?’:)
I didn’t know what to say for this. I was typing and deleting and redoing the same thing. She is clever. She enjoys things by manipulating me in a clever way to fulfill whatever she wants to.
‘Let’s do it online’
‘Do what, Sid?!’ said she with that mischievous smile of an innocent girl.
I puffed deep inside again. Head started to spin so badly. Arti had almost started her sixth cigarette.


Someday, I really wish to reach the orgasmic climax in sex. Because of that long drag of the fifth cigarette, I was tripping like crazy and after that, I took the next one and started smoking it. This time, I was doing it properly. I was simply nodding my head for the next five minutes not listening to any of her words. I missed a golden opportunity I guess. Arti gave me the cue many times. I was so down with the cigarette that I forgot the entire world around me. Of course, except Arti!


This was the picture on my head when I was on in my seventh cigarette with my eyes closed. “A beautiful world, where only two people are present. Arti and I. Sitting above the clouds with our cigarettes on our lips and love birds flying all over with a gentle breeze flowing over us”.
‘I love you, Arti’, said I still closing my eyes.
‘I love you too, Sid. Don’t even dare to think about leaving me’
‘Never’, said I and opened my eyes and looked up at her.
As usual, the Tamil Nadu Electricity Board(TNEB) switched off the power in my area. I was very grateful to them for having allowed me to chat till that time at least. My laptop was running on battery and the image of Arti looking at me intently was frozen on the screen as Skype was choking for breath(Internet) with its annoying sound!
I was simply looking at the girl for a while when my phone rang.
‘Hey, Arti. Sorry, ah p.. power cut.. ag..again’
‘Are you alright, Sid? You seem to be high’. I heard the laughing sound.
‘Yeah, I guess. But, I really enjoyed our chat today. Thanks for that!’
‘Shut up, Idiot. Don’t thank me’
I switched off my laptop and was lying down on my back with my eyes closed.
‘Hmmm. What’s up, then?!’
‘Nothing much amlu. Hey.. Did I tell you that mom and dad have fixed an alliance for me?! I am not sure if I told you this. Did I?’
(To be continued……)
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On my way – Chapter 13

Author’s note :

Just when you thought this was over……..

The last post was on April 27, 2013 and it has been a year of wait for my beloved readers to read the next chapter.
Most of you must have forgotten the story! I totally get it! Even I had to go through the story from the start to come up with the new chapter.
This one year has been the toughest phase of my career. Even though it was hectic, it was a roller coaster ride of a lot of things! Anyways, I shouldn’t be giving reasons. It’s not right to make your readers wait when you have a story to tell. From now on, I assure you that the posts will be published in regular intervals.
Apologies for the same!
Am grateful to all my readers who personally contacted me a lot of times to know when the next chapter would be published. Thanks to all those who encouraged me to write as well!

Happy reading!

Chapter 13

January 3, 2012

‘Have you ever smoked up?!!!’

The first message I saw in my mobile at 10:19 AM in the morning after last night’s disaster caused by the fucking  Electricity Board! My eyes were not even open fully! Felt like I was in a hangover or something!
It was Arti’s ping on Google Talk in my mobile.
‘Where are you?!’
‘Office?! What question is this, Sid?!’
‘How the fuck do you do that?!’
‘Do what?!!!’ came Arti’s ping. It looked like she was only doing the work of chatting with me and nothing else. Why are they still having her in their company? They should fire her. May be, I should send a mail to their company HR!
‘You are already in office! Am not even up! I envy you, Arti!’ with a grudge smiley.
‘Ah, well Sid. I am not like you sweetie. Am an early riser. You must have boozed last night! 😀 :D’
This is one of those messages which really irritates me. How many times should I tell her that I don’t……..?! Fuck it!
‘Yeah, I did’
‘No, you didn’t 😀 Come on, don’t behave like a grown up! 😀 :D’
‘WTF! Don’t pull my legs now’
‘I won’t. But, I like it very much. It’s super sexy :D’
Whatever!!!! I didn’t reply.
Arti waited for hardly five seconds. The ping flashed again.
‘BTW, sorry for asking the wrong question :)’
‘What question?!’
‘That if you have smoked up! 😀 😀 ha ha… I am dealing with babies here! :D’
Arti loves doing this. Whenever I am up from sleep, I am usually irritated. A sort of sullen nature. This is the time she uses to her advantage.
‘Oh please… I haven’t done it.. What now?!’
‘Cutenessssss!!!!!! To see my amlu like this 😉 🙂 :* ‘
It brought back the smile on my face. Even my eyes were completely open. I was brought back to my senses.
Need to brush, take shower, press my clothes and polish my shoes before I head to office. I hate these daily duties. Routine and monotonous!
Vasu was not seen anywhere in the home. Guess he has already gone for work! What’s with me??! Have I become lazy or what?! This guy drinks and smokes and sleeps with his GF whenever he gets the opportunity but still is able to go to his office on time the next day! And Arti! She speaks with me all the time and she wakes up early too and goes to work on time! I was proper with all my habits and sleep cycles! Now, it looks like everything is flipping!
Thinking about all these things, I was brushing my teeth. Didn’t reply to Arti’s pings. She was asking if we could skype before I start to my office. How can she do it from the office?! I don’t understand!
As usual, I ignored her texts and got ready and started from my home. Today, there was a hell lot of traffic. I had to stop in every single signal. It was like the traffic inspector was waiting for me to switch to red signal at every junction..
I was only thinking about how these people make fun of me for not smoking, drinking etc., I mean I can understand if it was some other guy in nerdy glasses who is absolutely against all these habits.
For me, smoking has always been a dream! I have shared the story with you guys right?! That sixth grade wala story! Smoking is sexy. It’s just that I don’t have the guts to try it out. That too, when I see girls smoking, I get a boner immediately! This is true.. Should try to do something for this!

1:00 PM

Had a team meeting. It was mostly about things to start with for the new product we are about to develop. I didn’t look at my mobile at all. Otherwise, I will get distracted too! Arti can focus but I can’t. I don’t know if she is even working but I have just started out on my career and can’t be time passing here. Had lunch with my boss, Mr. Rahul Kohli, a tall and well-built man of early 30’s, from Mumbai, but settled in Chennai for career. I didn’t care to even look at my mobile at that time. I was sitting with my boss. It’s not proper to keep staring at your mobile while you pretend to listen to the person sitting opposite to you. At least that’ my theory. We were done with our lunch while the thought of smoking was pondering over my head continuously. Sadly, I had to accompany boss for smoking. What’s will all this people today?! Everyone seems to be doing it. I think the universe is giving me a message.

1:50 PM

Finally, I took my mobile to see the notifications. As expected, there were 33 messages and missed calls from Arti. I pinged her on G talk.
‘Sorry, was a bit busy with work!’
Immediately, came the reply.
‘That’s fine. What did you have?’
‘Egg rice. With my boss. Had a team meeting also’
‘Oh cool. I know you will always have reasons and your priorities are different ;)’
‘Means you don’t give a fuck about me I meant :D’
No reply from my side!
‘For me, the only priority is you.. you..you…always!’
‘Shit, you don’t know anything else to say. You are a total psycho, Sid’
Reply with some angry smiley in blistering red…
I didn’t know what to say. As usual, I followed the usual way.
‘I love you Arti….’
‘Awww…. 🙂 🙂 Love you too Sweetheart!!!’
I definitely need her help on this noble initiative that I am about to undertake today.
‘Listen.. Do you smoke?’
‘Err…. Yes, I have. Occasionally, in Chennai. Why? Why? Why? Anything on your head?’
From that reply, I was sure that Arti was very excited. I didn’t reply..
Then, came the next ping.
‘Do you want to smoke? Want me to teach you how to smoke?? 😀 :D’
‘Well, not really!’ I was very glad that she understood it. Now, I cannot give up my position know. I will maintain my dignity!
‘Oh, c’mon. I know. Let’s do one thing. You get a pack of smokes tonight. I will get too. We will do it over Skype. What do you say?! 🙂 ‘
I love you Arti. You are the wild demon of my imaginations. Helping me out with all my fantasies, was the thought on my head. But, my reply was more composed.
‘Hmmm.. Okay, why not? Let’s do it?’
‘Sure right? You should not ditch me on this thing’
‘Sure. Tonight’
‘Tonight 🙂 Love you’
‘Love you too 🙂 :)’Smoking
So, tonight it’s gonna happen I guess. Will I be able to smoke? The picture of my mom with a broom comes on top of my head now. Pretty scary. But, then this was Arti. My sweetheart. The one, who is ready to do anything for me. Actually, Arti is braver than me in these things. So, let’s see what happens today..
My conscience says, ‘If not today, then when Sid? When? Go for it!’
(To be continued…….)
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On my way – Chapter 12

Jan 2, 2012

Long day at office today! It is getting hectic day by day and I am finding it uneasy to spend time idly. The worst part is that some of the family friends and relatives are not believing the fact that I work for Intel Corporation. I still remember the conversation I had with my neighbor, who happens to be a brainless arsehole, at home.

I was watering the plants in my lawn when he peered at my side and started the bloody conversation.

‘So which company did you say you are working for?’

‘Intel Corporation, Uncle’

‘Oh, India Corporation? Government job? How did you get it? I have been trying the same for my daughter for the post of Sanitary Inspector. They are demanding 20 lakhs, yaar! But, I am glad that you made it yaar’

He was continuing his ranting and I sensed that there was a tinge of envy in his eyes. The assumed thought that I had got into a government job hit his mind so badly that his face reflected them badly. I stopped him.

‘Uncle.. Uncle.. It’s not India Corporation. It’s Intel Corporation. The company which manufactures microchips which are used in most of the computers today. They are the building blocks of….’

I realized that I was giving too much talk in the situation through the brow rise in his eyes. He understood that it is only to people like him, I can give my technical discourse. Others would grab me by my crotch!

‘Ah..wait.. Wait… Is it the company which is behind the funny lines “Intel Inside. Mental Outside?”’

His interrogative expression showed that he was waiting for a reply.

‘Er.. Well.. yes.. Actually….’

I was trying to continue but he started to laugh hard. I was boiling inside by his reaction. How funny Intel seems to be for these guys?!

‘Actually, my son used to say this whenever he talks about you. So I had a mild doubt beta. Anyways, chalo. Carry on!’

Only then I realized how his son had made my company name sound dumb at his home. I guessed that he would have had a great deal of satisfaction by insulting me like this. What do they know about Intel?! Leave it.. Heartbeat rises when I think about such things…

I bought a Medium Peppy Paneer Pizza along with stuffed garlic stuffed breadsticks and a bottle of coke from Dominos while on the way home. It has been the best and worst for me in terms of eating at times. It has been six months since we rented this place at Chennai and we had visited this place like a 2000 times! I have had all pizzas in all its forms and all other veg stuffs. Yeah, I am a vegetarian and you know that. Vasu has tasted everything even though he is a pure vegetarian too. His favorite ones are Chicken Fiesta (only medium) and something called as a zesty chicken (only large) and side orders include Chicken wings and spicy twisty (One rare veg item which he likes!) I thought of buying some of these for him. But I had only 1500 bucks and I didn’t take my card too. So I bought a large amount of these vegetarian items which he would be more than happy to share with me.

It was 9.45 PM when I reached home. I parked my bike and our home was in the first floor. Above that, there is a terrace where we enjoy our night outs facing the sea. When I was climbing up the stairs, I noticed that there was an air of smoke getting into my nostrils. Nearing the door, it actually increased. Opening the door, I couldn’t find anything except a place of white smoke. Immediately I switched on the fan and opened the windows to let out the smoke and I saw my dear friend Vasudevan staring hard into his system and coding something with a cigarette in his lips. I noticed that the ash tray had at least 20 smoked buds of cigarettes. I really got irritated with this habit of Vasu. He was killing himself and in a way me too.

‘Vasu, what is this?’

He didn’t notice. He was engrossed in his system.


‘Oh Yes… Came? Sorry I forgot to let out the smoke. I have a deadline tomorrow and I am only halfway through till now. Lots of pressure machi!’

Saying this, he turned back to his system again.

With disgust, I held a cigarette in my hand and said, ‘you are spoiling yourself with this da! And me also in a way’

‘Sorry. I will reduce it’, came a flat response. We both knew he would not reduce it and there are chances for it to only increase.

There was a secret wish inside me to smoke right from my sixth standard after seeing a movie in which my favorite star smokes one. What a style! After coming out of the theater, I bought a cigarette and was holding it in my hands and felt very anxious to light it up. My mom hadn’t turned up from school yet. It usually took 6.30 PM for her to reach. I had more than an hour to go and so I decided to buy one. I was standing in terrace. I never noticed that I was standing with the cigarette in my hand for more than an hour because the trembling thought that I had bought a cigarette at the age of 12 itself was a strong reason to be so. My mom arrived and noticed it and I don’t want to continue more about it now. I request you not to laugh and never let out this matter to anyone even to your closest circle please. After that, there has never been a time when I had been tempted to smoke a cigarette but something inside me always told me that I will be associated with smoking more closely. This was my second intuition. The first one, as you know, was when my inner voice said that Arti will not last long in my life after the relapse. I swept these thoughts away thinking that they are really insane stuff coming out of my mind dubiously whenever something positively happens. Poor me!

He went out of the room with his lap to the terrace stating that he has a call to attend and that shouldn’t disturb me. He told me that he will have his share of pizza later. The real reason is that he has to smoke while working on these deadlines. I don’t know how that pinch of tobacco enclosed in a cylindrical paper tubes grab billions of people around the world like this. Crazy people!

With these things running over my mind, I changed into my casuals and opened my lap to check out an office mail regarding a work I had done on that day. The system started and as usual, Skype logged in and was set aside. Before I saw if the net was connected, there was a call from Arti as usual. We had been speaking from morning till the time I arrived in through all the possible communication modes like SMS, calls, mails (through office mail! Don’t tell anyone especially if you happen to bump into my colleagues!), whatsapp, facebook etc., and Skype was the only thing that was left out on that day.

I attended the call and we both exchanged our casual kisses. Arti was in a black tee and so was I. Something inside me said that it was not the same Skype call as the ones that had been done before. I thought that I was looking hot in some way for her that day and so was she to me. She was also silent. I was seeing her lips and she was seeing my eyes. None of us did blush at that time. I was smiling at her and she was doing the same while I was trying to grab a bite of my pizza. She kneeled over before her system and rested on a pillow beneath her. My heart beats were slowly rising.

‘I am seeing your cleavage Arti’, winked I, showing myself super cool to her but was boiling inside with chemical reactions taking place rapidly.

‘So what, Sid? It is only you’, said she and bent over even more.

I realized that sweat was pouring over my head in all sides in thin lines. I wanted to make sure that if anything that is visible to her from my body that which shows my mood currently, I should make sure to hide it from the camera. So I checked my camera and it was only showing the safer portions of my body and I was relaxed a bit. Girls can do anything to arouse a guy and they are so wild to their men. Even if their men are periodical to them!

‘Ok, cool. Then I would like to see your top’. I blurted this out without a second thought. How brave am I or how silly is this!

She was shocked with her mouth open while a slice of pizza was getting out from my mouth which I never realized and she pointed that out to me. Quickly, I swallowed it inside. Now smile was back on her face.

‘Even I do want the same’, said she.

‘Oh sure’, said I not minding it as a big deal.

‘I mean I wish to see the less exposed part of your body’, said she.

Now, it was my turn to be shocked. But I didn’t show it mostly.

‘What do you mean, Arti?’

‘I mean what I meant Darling’ said she with the same winking smile.

I was silent. God I hate this game! I mean I want the scene to start soon! Don’t misunderstand me for a good kid!

‘Ah I wish to see your bottom’, said she. I mean how can she be so open like this. Doesn’t she have a common sense? I am a good guy. I am from an orthodox family. My parents never taught me to show my bottom to a girl before marriage. Ok I know I am over reacting. What to do? Men’s problem…! Too much to handle for a 21 year old kid! (Yes I am a kid only. No second thoughts please!)

‘Sure. One moment’, said I and went to the door of my room and slowly locked it from inside so that there is no chance for my roommate to enter without my permission. I once again checked myself again fully. Indeed, there was a chemical reaction that was reflecting in my body in the you-know-how way! I quickly adjusted my underwear and set my shorts perfectly and went and sat in front of my PC as an uber cool guy!

‘Yeah, I am ready. Let’s go!’

‘Went to lock your room, right?’ said she and started to laugh. Her roommate had gone to her hometown in Orissa and so she was left alone and was enjoying her time. I was embarrassed by this comment of her.

What can I do? Sometimes you have to give in to your loved one’s caustic remark so that you can enjoy bigger things! I mean really bigger things!

‘Yes, amlu. Er… Shall we start?’

She joined her hands in a praying posture and said, ‘God! Please save me from all these sins!’

I laughed like crazy on seeing that and she also enjoyed that moment.

‘So who goes first?’ asked she controlling her smile.

‘Ladies first!’ said I and silently thanked the guy who framed this sentence initially.

She was surprised by that sudden reply and she was thinking for some time while her smiled had not faded.

‘Ok done’ said she and rose from her lying position and sat in front of her camera and adjusted her cam correctly so that the top portion of her physique was seen neatly. I wondered if she had any experience in these things before. She didn’t have even a pinch of sweat while my tee was like I had been dipped in pool of water. Time to time, I drifted away and dried my face with a towel off the camera.

She signalled with her thumbs up asking if we are ready to go. I shook my head like a Himalayan yak slowly while my mouth was beginning to open and I was simultaneously trying hard to close it.

She was removing her tee. It was seen in a slow motion. First, her navel was seen. I was dumbstruck on seeing it. I wouldn’t say it was too sexy like that of Jennifer Aniston but it resembled Parineeti Chopra’s navel. I have never seen her navel in any movie but I thought that maybe she had the exact navel like my amlu. She was still opening her tee when I first noticed the glimpse of that white bra. At that moment I realized how majestic she was! You know what I mean! Don’t think bad that I am describing my own girlfriend like this! (I know you will tell this part to many of your friends. Please don’t do that. Let this be a secret between us. Okay?) I was beginning to see the starting trace of it when it happened! It happened! Well I can never forget this thing in my life! Shame on my state! Fuck my government!


I was irritated to the core. Every part in my body came to its original posture. Shit! Fuck!!!!!!!!!

I received a ping immediately.

‘Ha ha. Amlu.. Power Cut??  😀 😀 😀 😛 😛 😛 You deserve it baby!  😀 Mmmmuuahhhh to that sweet face.. I wanna bite those lips badly now! 😀 :D. Waiting for that moment’

I got so irritated that I thought of even throwing the cellphone away. But, my parents won’t allow me to buy a new mobile anymore and they will kill me by always pinpointing about it if I ever buy a new one. So I decided not to. I had a smile too on my lips considering the fact that my amlu loved each and every bit of me. I was sitting in that dark room thinking about her. I never knew when the current was going to come again. There was no signs of Vasu also from the terrace,

So, I did what other guys would have done under similar circumstances.

Not able to find???? Okay, here goes the clues:

1)      Self-help is the best help – Swami Kamananda

2)      My power is in my hands – Swami Siddarthananda (Yes, it’s me!)

(To be continued…)

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On my way – Chapter 11

Last night was the best party ever for me! I even tasted a glass of beer too. For Vasu! It was bitter and sour. I don’t know how he had managed to gulp down three bottles! God! He peed at least 25 times along the way back home. All he needed was a space of a square meter and he squeezed his dick right there. Somehow, I grabbed him with his arms around mine and made him walk all the way to our home a 1 AM on January 1st, 2012. Chinju didn’t want to join us that night as she knew that beach will be full of guys with beer and whisky bottles in their hands and who will be totally out of their minds at that time.

I finally laid down on my bed like a buffalo in water and was going over the day’s moments while Vasu was still at his peak of famous speeches.

‘Only George Bush can change India machi! Only him! No one else! He should become the next Prime Minister. Otherwise, Chinju will win again and I don’t like that’.

I couldn’t control my laughter. How hilarious he can be when he is HIGH!!!

Vasu was getting his sleep slowly and I switched off the lights and the usual blue bulb was glowing. Vasu was lying in a position which seemed like he was crucified and his mouth was wide open. I quickly took a snap of it with flash and mailed it to Chinju.

Her SMS flashed up immediately.

“That’s a terrific pose! Done with your party?’.

I replied, ‘Yup. Vasu is high than ever before in his life. He doesn’t like you becoming the prime minister of India’

‘WTF?! What are you talking about? I think you are high:-P’

‘Nope! Will explain all later. Hope you had a great party too. Happy new year Chinju’

‘Okay. Yeah, I had a great new year too. Thanks a lot dear. Wish you the same. Hope you have a great year with Arti. Nail her this time 🙂 😉 But, remember I love you too :)’

‘Oh that’s very straight. Marry me then. Won’t you? :P’ replied I with a wry smile.

‘Sure. Let’s talk to Vasu first thing in the morning and I will dump him for sure 😛 :)’.

‘Now I love you really Chinju… Thanks a lot 🙂 Thanks for being with me all these years. You will make a great pair with Vasu. My support will always be there for you guys’.

‘Arrey! It’s getting too cinematic yaar! 🙂 Sleep soon 🙂 Arti and 69 dreams: P’.

‘What is a 69?’.

‘Don’t act smart kid 🙂 Google it if you don’t know. Goodnight. Sweet dreams 🙂 See you tomorrow :)’.

‘You caught me babe 🙂 Night night… Happy New Year’.

‘Happy new year da :)’.

Then I happened to see the other unread messages. Three were from Aisha.

‘Siddiiii… Happy New Year da… I called you many times… No response… Enjoying out with friends eh?? 🙂 Have a great year da. All the best’, at 00:00 Hrs.

‘Slept??????’, at 00:13 Hrs.

‘Ok. Goodnight!’, at 00:35 Hrs.

I replied, ‘Thanks Aisha. Yes I went to beach with my roomie and was having a great time. Didn’t take mob. Happy New Year. Have a great year too! :)’

Then there were the other things. 24 SMS, 22 missed calls, 11 direct messages in Twitter and 31 in FB from Arti.  I realized at that moment that I am going to be dead. I presumed that she would have slept by then and sent a message hoping that the next morning I can manage with that blaming it all on the network.

‘Happy New Year amlu!!! 🙂 Mmmmmuaaahhh’ at 01:47 Hrs.

Amlu is the name she had kept for me. I don’t know if she has kept the same to anyone else too. No offense!

Three minutes passed by and there was no reaction. I thanked god for saving me from a great disaster. I planned to fantasize Priyanka Chopra that night and was about to close my eyes when a new SMS flashed. My notification showed that it was from Arti. My heart beats pounded like anything and I opened it.

‘F.U.C.K. Y.O.U. Goodnight!’

‘Goodnight Amlu :)’, replied I with smile on my face.



‘Okay. Goodnight’. I decided we are in for a fierce battle that night when I saw this message and smiled badly.

‘Yeah, okay Goodnight Arti’, sent I with more anticipation and excitement for the next message.

‘Sure. Goodnight’, replied Arti and I started to laugh hard. I feared that I might wake up Vasu. But he was so high that that thought was unnecessary at that moment. I didn’t reply her as I felt bored of it.

There was a pause for ten minutes and a new SMS popped up.

‘You loathsome pig! Can I call you?’, came the message from my sweet Arti and I replied with a yes immediately.

Speaking of calls, it is only Arti who calls me and I only give her missed calls. Interstate call rates are high. After all, she is earning a lot! I never had intended to do it myself but Arti had made it a custom.

The phone rang and it was Arti. I answered it immediately and didn’t speak a word. The same was happening from her side too I guess. After a span of two minutes, she spoke.

‘Pig… Fucker… Idiot…?’

‘Yes… Yes… Yes… I won. I won…’ exclaimed I with a great deal of enthusiasm after winning this undetermined silent game where I was the spectator and referee.

‘Fuck you Sid. You are such a great non-sense. You don’t value people’

‘I’m sorry amlu. I forgot to take my mobile while going to beach. By the way, the beach was aweso..’

She interrupted my speech.

‘You have done it purposefully Sid. You know that I will be constantly pampering you and so you have done this. I hate this attitude of yours, Sid’

‘No Arti that’s not the reason’

‘Then what the fuck is the reason?’

‘There is nothing sweetie. I forgot it. Period’

‘Don’t speak sentences with this fucking word ‘period’ and all. You’re not worth it, you dumbass!’

‘I know you’re angry. I am sorry. Happy New Year. Mmmmmuaaaahhhh’.

I thought it would stop her groaning and it really had some effect. There was uneasiness in her breathe and her voice became soft.

‘Thanks Sid. Happy New Year too. Skype?’

‘No honey. I am damn tired now. First thing in the morning okay?’

‘Mmm.. Okay.. Then tell me what you did today?’

I narrated the whole incidents that happened as a part of New Year Celebrations and she kissed me for every sentence that I spoke. Finally, she said that she will sleep and leave me. It was the first time it had ever happened. Usually, she wouldn’t allow me to sleep and I had to make up fake excuses or pretend as if I have slept and she would cut the call. But the story was different this time.

I allowed her to sleep with that nth kiss and felt that it was all starting again.

Now I will come back to the story of how it all started again between us. It was an evening on December 19, 2011 I guess. Vasu was still not back from office while I had managed to come quickly at 5PM itself. I was wearing black shorts and a blue tee. For the first time, I tried connecting my lap with the Wi-Fi present in my home and it did and the speed was pretty good. Then, a sudden message opened up on my screen. It was for an update in Skype. I clicked yes and it was updating for some five minutes and after the update was done and over, it asked for my credentials. It’s been a really long time since I skyped last. So, I wanted to see how the user interface looked after the update and all that stuff. I forgot my password. So I gave my email id and then retrieved my password and gave in a new one. Funny enough, I had my new password named as Arti@123 and opened it.

The UI was pretty much the same and nothing had changed much. The online contacts were seen at the left side of the screen. Before, I peered my eyes to see who were online, a video call came suddenly. It was from Arti. I was shocked. I didn’t know what to do. For all the things that had taken place between us, this was too much. I couldn’t understand with what confidence she was calling me. I hated her. I think I hated her. I don’t know. Never mind! So, I thought of attending the call and question her sense of love for me so badly and so I did.

I attended the call and the screen was loading with that usual circle and my heart beat rose to 200 beats per minute. A single chain of sweat flowed over my left ear from the top of the head. And then it happened. I saw her. Once again! My Arti! She was biting her nails and her head was down with brows raised eagerly, waiting to see me and when she saw me, her face glowed like anything I have ever seen on earth. I couldn’t control my emotions too. All those angry moods, the irritation, the inner voice which wanted to question her badly swept away like a sandal in a flood when I saw her face. I had smile on my lips.

She typed, ‘Hi..’

‘Hi Arti’

‘?? Formal?? Forgot?? How are you?’

10feb_best-jodi-konkona-ranbirOur faces became serious when we were typing messages as if we were silently speaking to each other.

‘Am good. There is no need for me to be formal. After all, who am I? And I never forget. I just get blamed for all the things most of the times’.

‘Clever. And what’s that “who am I?” You are everything to me’.

‘Please Arti. Please. I have never been serious and cheap. Don’t make me do that now’.

‘You can be, Sid. You can ask anything’.

‘No Arti. I don’t want to ask anything. In fact, I don’t have anything to ask. I believe you always’.

‘No, you don’t Sid. If you had believed me, you wouldn’t have lost in touch with me’.

‘Leave all that Arti. What now?’.

‘What now??!Nothing. You look as handsome as ever. You are my guy. So you will always be handsome’, replied Arti with that beautiful smile on her face now.

I wanted to be serious. But, I couldn’t be. I saw that message and I blushed like a girl, smiling, seeing down and then saw Arti. Her reaction was spotless. She was stunned by it I guess and I still don’t know why.

‘Oh what a mind blowing reaction…!  I love you Sid… I fucking love you so much’, replied Arti with that smile and waited to see my reaction with her cute and eager eyes.

I saw that message and didn’t react anything immediately for a split second as I was seeing into Arti’s eye. She was seeing me with that seductive tone and she gave a virtual kiss. That’s it. I couldn’t control anymore. My cheeks blushed and my lips smiled like it had never done so beautifully before and I grabbed a green towel which was near me and closed my face with it facing down and Arti was completely blown by it. It’s ironic that I was blown away by her and she got blown away by my blushing. All of it had come to an end. There was no thought of Stephen in my mind. I didn’t even of think of asking her about him and I had completely forgotten it. I realized at that time that I was happy because it seemed like Arti had once again come into the walls of my life and I didn’t want to let go of her by asking such questions. I think the same was the case with her too. We started to love each other once again without even thinking about the previous two years on how our relationship had a fall because we wanted to be with each other all the time. Somehow, we missed it and we didn’t want to go over it once again. She was typing in a lot of kisses in Skype while I let go of myself and surrendered once again to her.

‘I love you too Arti. I missed you so much. I love you always’. I wondered if it was me who was typing it.

‘Mmmmuuahhhh… You have my Bangalore number? I hope you won’t be having. It is +919843833543.’

‘Noted it down. Mine is the same’.

‘Cool. Will call you soon. Now I am going for dinner. We will catch up later. Is it okay?’.

‘Sure. It’s alright with me. Take Care, Arti’.

‘Where is my kiss?’.

Fuck… Once again I blushed… Only Arti can do this to me. I gave her a kiss and cut my video call. I noted her number down. There was a great feeling of exhilaration inside me as if I had achieved something impossible. I ran to my balcony and screamed in joy shouting a ‘whoooooooo!’ People who were busily moving in their day-to-day life stopped to see me. They might have thought that I had gone nuts. Of course, I was crazy. Crazy enough to live in a virtual world I created for myself!

This is the story of our relapse!

(To be continued…)

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On my way – Chapter 10

AUTHOR’S NOTE: As mentioned in the previous chapter, the rendition of this story comes from Siddharth.  Happy reading!

Dec 31, 2011 (Present)

My relationship with her has started again! Again!??!!

There was a great lapse in our relationship after I came back from my internship two years back. I know you must be shocked on hearing this! I will explain all in detail sooner!
188142-wake-up-sidBy the way, I have successfully graduated in Computer Science and Engineering and I am currently employed in Intel Corporation with a very decent salary for a fresher. I am happy that I got to stay once again with my best friend Vasu, who is employed in IBM, Chennai and we reside at Adyar. Vasu’s girlfriend Chinju is also employed in the same office and they are enjoying a lot nowadays. Oh I forgot to introduce Chinju James. She is my classmate in school and college, which means I know her through the same duration as Vasu. Vasu used to sit in the middle in our bench in our classroom 12th Standard ‘G’ Section, while Chinju used to sit in the adjacent bench near to my side. I was given the task of passing the love letters and stuff between these two. She is a very good friend of mine. Vasu and I have rented a flat at Adyar, which happens to be one of the posh areas in South Chennai. Chinju is staying at Tiruvanmiyur, the very next area to Adyar, which happens to be the starting point of the exotic ECR road. She used to come many times to our room. They are also going to resorts in the weekends. I envy them. The reason for me choosing Adyar was to stay with one of my best friends Vaidhyanathan, known as VD. He is currently in his final year of engineering.

So this is about my people! Coming back to my Arti and story!

After I came back from my not-so-forgettable internship, things got busy in college. I was getting into my final year and I was handling three organizations at a time. Although, academic pressure was a lot lesser than my previous years, my organizational role had climbed up to its highest and I had to work relentlessly to make sure that I fulfilled the role of my position. Vasu had safely returned my pulsar from Mumbai as promised. It was of great help to me then. He and Chinju helped me a lot at that time in my organizational activities. As a part of my final year project, I was designing a website for my college which sucked a lot of time too! I had successfully launched my website but I was awarded the lowest marks for the project as my documentation sucked! To hell with my project mentor who is an arrogant asshole!

My communication with Arti got gradually less. Her calls were getting lowered to single digit day by day. I sensed that she must also have been busy at her job. I envied her anyway because she was enjoying in Mumbai. It was she who showed me that Mumbai is an awesome place and I felt very low that I couldn’t enjoy with her.

Her friend Ruchita is working in Chennai. She started to get in touch with me a little more than it used to be in college days. It was from her that I came to know that Arti is hanging out with Stephen, who has been transferred to Mumbai now. I couldn’t believe it but the very few calls which I made to her were waiting. May be I would have had a misunderstanding. But these things did not cross off my mind at that time. I couldn’t take it when many sources confirmed me that they are hanging out in Mumbai together and having a nice time. So without a flash of thought, I cut her relationship. I didn’t even attend the few calls which she made to me. I realized that ours was purely an insecure love. It felt heavy for me. Somehow, I managed to make myself busy and carried on with friends.

Apart from Vasu, Chinju and VD, Aisha used to console me a lot. Oh I haven’t introduced Aisha right?! Pardon me. She happens to be my college mate. I met her on the first day of my college and till date she has been a great friend to me. She is working for TCS at Bangalore. It was only with her with whom I used to spend time with personally in college, apart from Vasu and Chinju.

After I joined my job, I was idle for few days and so the thought of Arti came back to me again. Those two months (August and September) were really hard for me. Then I got settled in a project of designing parameters for a new processor. Things have been really busy in office in the last three months. I was ordered to buy a lap for myself in my office and I couldn’t escape from it this time. I am more of a Desktop PC lover and ten days ago, I bought a laptop finally. It is a HP Pavilion DV6. Vasu’s choice. Have you ever heard about a love story which survived from a great relapse through a video call in Skype? Well I haven’t  until the same happened to me. Fuck. Nothing can separate me from Arti it seems.

I will tell all about it later as Vasu is calling me for the New Year party now. We are going to Elliot’s beach in Besant Nagar, which is a kilometer away from our home. Every night, we used to spend our time there. Myself, Vasu and sometimes Chinju also. But today, it is going to be special. Vasu has bought three bottles of Kingfisher beer and I will just accompany him. He is a chain smoker and a weekly boozer. So, see you. Happy New Year 2012!

(To be continued…)

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