On my way – Chapter 1

It was a plain day except for the fact that it was Christmas 2011. Even a working day in front of the machine in office would be more interesting. I got extremely irritated with the fellow screaming ‘Ungal Sun TV yil’. What a life.! I would watch Hangover for the twenty seventh time than watching all these crap.  ‘Ping’. It was Siddharth in gtalk who happens to be my boyfriend.

‘Hey’ said he. ‘What do you want? I called you thrice and you didn even send a message after. I really don’t know how both your phones are busy at the same time Sid.!’ frowned I

‘Haha. Funny isnt it? My father was talking in another phone baby. Now he is taunting me for you calling me.’ laughed he

‘Whatever.’ said I and the power was gone. Hail the power cuts in TN.

I took the phone and went to my grandparents house which is at a 10 foot distance. I dialled his number and waited for it to ring.  I wanted to tell him that it was all over between us and no need to talk any further. I am proudly telling the very same dialogue to him for 3462724th time.

‘Hey baby. Hi’ said he.

‘Stop it Sid. I dont wanna talk to you anymore. There is nothing between us. You may carry on with your own way. Is that fine?! You are irritating me !! ‘ Shouted I

‘Hmmm… What are you doing now?’ asked he in a plain tone.

‘Oh my god ! This fellow is an unimaginable bastard’. Thought I and unknowingly I started to smile.

‘Hey dont divert me idiot. Its only because of you , power has gone. You unlucky charm.’ I frowned again.

‘Wow. Amazing.!’ said he ‘Hey did you listen to the talking tom version of Why this kolaveri?’asked he which he has posted in youtube.

‘To hell with you. Take it serious Sid. Im fighting with you now. Its not the time to talk about Why this Kolaveri.’ I laughed.

‘Why to be serious? You duffer. You know I love you. It really feels good when you fight.’  said he

‘Haha. Now thats convincing. And what you doing now?’ asked I quite happily.

‘hmm…Im jus lying. After the sumptuous breakfast’ said he half sleeping

‘Oh no. You have started to sleep? Fuck no Sid! The hardest task is to wake you up.’ said I

‘Hey I should wake up for having lunch’ said he

I literally laughed out loud and said ‘Please Sid. Some more time. Talk na’ and realized at that microsecond that I intended to tell him that it was all over between us and not to talk to me like fifteen minutes ago.

I fell in love with him once again. ‘Te Amo.. Me te Amo.. Tere hazaron roop mein.’ hummed I

‘Ok baby when will you hang up? I wanna sleep’ said he

‘Rascal. Sleep. Bye. Love you.’ said I and hung up. I really wonder how everything got settled between us. The very thought of moments with him bring a bouquet of happiness blooming inside me though I fight with him superficially. I wanted to go back and relive every moment with him. To run into his dreams right then and spend the upcoming life.


It was my first day in Mumbai. Though I was all excited for my new job, new city and new friends which I am gonna make , I missed Chennai. My new company had no restrictions on office timing which was one of the reasons to choose.  Cubicle was compact and I was killing time chatting with my manager. What a life..!  And suddenly somebody patted me from my back.

‘Hey…!! Hi…! How? You here?’ he was taken aback and he looked branded happy.

I laughed at him for being surprised. It was Siddharth,  my junior in college who was my close chap and somehow lost contact.

‘Hi Sid. I just joined today. Happy to see you.’ said I with genuine happiness.

‘Oh Fuck..!! I am seeing you after two fucking years. Heck! You didn’t even tell me you gonna join here. You look the same as in college. ‘ He spoke without a breathe.

‘Oh my god Sid. Take a breathe. Ya it is a surprise. I gave an interview. It clicked. Thats it. Sorry for losing your contact.’ I said sheepishly

‘Forgiven. Haha. Hey come na. To cafeteria with me. Lets have a coffee and discuss it over.’ smiled he.

I got up and walked with him ignoring my manager giving him a smile. Cafeteria was huge and was empty by then. We took a table near to the window and he dragged a chair from behind.

‘Hey its mine. ‘ said a junior

‘Kahin aur se lena’ he said to him and smiled at me. The junior stared at him but Sid doesnt seem to bother.

‘So, How are you? When did you come here and Which platform are you in?’ he threw me a series of questions.

‘Sid. What happened to you. Why are you so excited? Haha. Anyway… Im very fine and I came here yesterday and now here I am. And platform hmm…SAP. How about you?’ said I smilng at him

‘Oh wow. Thats really cool. Ya , I am excited. Its obvious. We are meeting after 2 fucking years as I told earlier. I am actually an intern here. I came here last week and still a month more to go. I was going mad on this intern. But thank God. Now you are here to give my kind of company.’ he winked at me

He was like a fire cracker just lit and bursting out. I asked him ‘Company?? Oh Ya. Even I was looking for it. But Sid , You have not spoken to me with such an energy before. Whats the matter?’ asked I with genuine curiousity

‘Oh really? asked he and concentrated on the samosa which we bought. He should have added more spice. Duffer. Its like eating a bread loaf. ‘And ya, you were asking something. Its because I am very happy meeting you. Even I am wondering at myself.’ said he

‘Wow. Thats great. So where do you stay here?’asked I

‘In Kanjurmarg. What a funny name.! Sounds like some mexican cheesy sandwich.’ said he

‘Hey bingo.! Me too.’  I said amidst the laughter for his wit. He stoppped chewing the samosa and gave me a excited look once again

‘Oh come on Sid. Stop being this excited for heaven’s  sake.’ said I and elbowed him at his ribs

‘Gosh! So, fine. You come with me. Let me drop you home. What say?’ asked he . I must say he suggested me

‘Haha. Wow. Pretty nice. But no thanks.’ said I

‘Why? I wil not ask for petrol fare. You can come.’ he  said and I burst out laughing.

‘Hey wait. Let me take another samosa and come.’ said he and hurried to the counter.

I kept looking at him and only then I noticed that everybody around in the cafeteria were staring at us with a jealousy look. Nevertheless ,  I enjoyed his company. I saw him and he signalled me If I want something. I said no and he smiled back.

‘Phew. You saw the crowd there.They squeeze the hell out of me. Just like government buses. And hey this dress is excellent on you. You look sexy.’ said he and munched the samosa he bought.

I was taken aback for him being so frank and raised my eyebrows. ‘Does that come under flirting?’ asked I

‘What a world.Nobody cares talking truth. Fuck man! ‘ he said and looked into my eyes naughtily

I looked down and smiled at him.

‘Hey its time. We gotta go. Else my instructor will kick my ass. I will SMS you where to wait for me in the evening. I will be back by 4.’ he rushed not giving me a gap to talk

‘But Sid, Do you have my number? ‘  I asked , eyes widened and realized how tricky he was

‘Are you nuts? I dont have. Give na. Its getting late.’ he hurried and turned his face. I didn’t forget to notice the hideous naughty smile.

‘Haha. God , Sid. You have become so naughty. I have yours. I am calling you now.’ said I and smiled at him. I felt so happy when I am being with him.

‘Shall I ask you something? What happened to you? You dont seem to be like how you used to be. Naughty and talkative. Is anything eating you up?’ asked he bubbling with care.

‘Nothing yaar. I am missing Chennai and this place is quite new to me. Besides, I am tired and sleepy. I am still the same Sid.’ I winked at him

He gave me back the killer smile and hurried to the adjacent block.’Thats cool. I have got loads to talk to you. Do wait for me by 4 o clock. I ll sneak out.’ said he ‘Sure. I will.’ said I

He has left and I felt so lonely. It was like calm after storm.  I walked back to my cubicle and my mobile pinged

‘Hi. You are really awesome. I am extremely happy meeting you again.’ SMSed he

‘Thank you so much Sid. Nice to hear from you.’ replied I smiling

‘Dying to see you again after the session. Bye.’ SMSed he

I could not explain in words the feel which I got on seeing the message. So many have flirted with me before. But , this does not seem to be one. Its like being together for centuries and meeting after a  half an hour gap.

(To be continued…)

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7 Responses to On my way – Chapter 1

  1. Monica says:

    Excellent post.. Lively.. Looking forward for the next part sooner…

  2. superb…. is that so much easy that a girl gets attracted ….:)

  3. Subhashree says:

    Interesting one!!!!! wanna read the rest as well,,,,,,, but yeah me too have the same question is that so much easy for a girl to get attracted?????

  4. Monica says:

    The guy is impressive enough to attract I guess…Besides , dey are already close chaps but lost contact somehow, as mentioned earlier.

  5. Vigneshwar says:

    @Subhashree @Mohamed Imthiyas @Monica Thanks for your comments and support..
    @Subhashree Yes they are close chaps and know each other earlier. The girl witnesses a Himalayan change in the guy and sees herself in him taking her over..

  6. the guy is 1 yr junior to her na… :)… ????

  7. Vigneshwar says:

    @imthiyas just mentioned it that he is younger than her da. Not so specific on age.

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