On my way – Chapter 3

Sid was still a mystery to me. I could not conclude if he is a flirt or he is actually being himself. So much for my first day in office and I came back to my room. The room was awesome with a brilliant view of the busy Powai road and the Hiranandani towers behind with a constant cacophony.

Still there was an hour before my roomie could reach. I missed my home. My mom’s pampering, the typical Tamil food with pickle and the feeling of being at home. All of a sudden I felt lonely. I picked a flight directly  from Chennai and landed in Mumbai.

‘How hectic life turns out when you run behind money Arti…! ‘ I spoke to myself looking into the mirror. Needless to say I was weary , but somehow managed to look good. Thanks to my mother , for inheriting her good looks. I sighed and decided to make tea for myself. Before that I was tempted to call Sid.  And So did I. I dialled and waited for him to pick up.

‘Hey Sid. You reached home?’asked I

‘Long back baby. Now am jus lying back and going through a technical document. You?’ said he and I heard Sid screaming ‘Awwwww…..That hurts Bastard.’

‘Hey why do you lie? Were you not watching sleazy porn?’ yelled his roomie. I had to keep my phone away quite a few inches from my ear for his unbearable scream.

‘Sshhh… Please Vasu… Please..We ll sort our things later. Why dont you concentrate on your girlfriend?’ laughed he

‘Are you okay?’ asked I

‘Yup I am. My roomie gave me a kick on my back. The one nerdy Google intern. Skip him. He is not worth talking. He is talking to his girlfriend over Skype. Dirty Bastard.By the way, Do you have internet at your home? Why dont you Skype?’ laughed he

‘Skype? Hey we are just 4 streets away and you want me to Skype?’ asked I

‘We can be connected always. Anyway… What you doing?’ asked he

‘Hmmm…I am just thinking to make tea.’ said I smiling

‘Oh wow. See. This was why I wanted to come to your house. You hesitated. I hate you Arti.’ sulked he fakingly

‘Haha. That does not matter Sid. You dont love me either. Do you?’ said I smirking at him

‘Wooowwww…!!! What a discovery…!!  You hooked me there. Somebody is back in form. ‘ said he laughing

‘So Siddy. I just called you. Carry on with your porn.’ smirked I

‘Pchh… No.Shit. I was really going through my Technical document only. I swear to God.’ said he

‘Haha. Nobody agrees after being caught Sid.’  I said

‘Alright Miss. Philosophy. Every dog has its day. ‘said he laughing

‘Ok Bye Sid. Call me if you are done with your work.’ said I

‘God. No. Anyway Bye Arti.’ laughed he. I guess he thought that I had hung up the call and he had kept the phone aside. I was still on with the conversation.

There was this kicking sound on  chair. Probably Siddharth would have given one to Vasu. ‘You Idiot. Why did you tell her? Now she is gonna squeeze me off with this.’

‘I had so much fun you know. Look at your face. Freaking hilarious.’ laughed Vasu.

‘Hey Why did you do that? What would she think about me?’ asked Sid quite grieved.

‘Is that you Sid? You care even? Whats with that girl? Is she not one of your girly girly friends calling you? What is so special about her?’ asked Vasu

‘Hmm.. Nothing like that. I respect her a lot. She already calls me a flirt.’ said he.

‘Arrey…Ladka is in love. Arent you?’ said Vasu’s voice.

‘Its still a long way to go buddy. We were such a great friends in college. But I dont know what happened to her, She vanished from everyone’s contact suddenly. Now, she is back in my life quite in a freaking way. I saw her at our bay in office. I dont remember being delighted that way in recent past. Thats it. And I dont want to lose her at any cost.’ said Sid quite heartfelt.

He was surprised sureshot. ‘I just cant believe what I heard now. Is that you? I have never seen you like this before. Senti? Good god!’

(A few moments of silence……)

‘Sid man.. Are you fucking blushing?’ said Vasu

‘Get the hell out of here Bastard’ Sid laughed and threw something at him.

I laughed like crazy hanging up the phone. My roomie Ruchita gave me an awkward look. ‘Whats wrong with you dear?’ She was curious.

‘Nothing Ruch. Its just an old friend of mine and we met up after three years.’ said I

‘Alright. Alright. Happy for you. Chalo. Lets go out somewhere. Are you tired or what?’ asked she.

‘Hmmm….. Yup lady. Kinda. But its ok. I am coming with you.’ said I smiling

I changed to denim and tee  and we walked till Powai lake feeling the essence of India’s busiest City. Traffic lined up , Teen lovers exploring each other in the open lake premise, Pani puri stalls beside, not to mention the carefree crowd of Mumbai hurrying up to their destination. Time clutters its wings watching the City.

‘So Arti. How do you like Mumbai?’ asked Ruchita

‘Its just great Ruchi. New City , New Job , Old friends.  Its exciting.’ said I

‘Mm hmm. That is Mumbai. It will not let you go out. And,  Whats up with the ‘Old friends’ thing?? You have said it twice.’ said she smirking keeping her hands on her hips.

‘I meant you Ruchi.’ I controlled smiling

‘Anyway. Shall we leave from this place? Lets get into some cooking venture tonight.What say?’ asked she

‘Do you believe I am a great cook? If yes, please refresh your neurons. Fire alarms will turn on even If I cook Maggie my dear.’ said I

She giggled. ‘That was funny. I am no better to you Arti. Let us give a headstart.’

‘Alright. Chalo.’ said I. We walked back home buying vegetables and when we reached home it was already 7:30 P.M.

My phone rang. Latika’s theme from Slumdog Millionaire. It was Sid. ‘Hi. Just thought of disturbing you.’

‘Ya please go ahead Sir. Are your fantasies done?’ said I

‘Yaar…… I am caught. You are not. Thats the difference.’ said he laughing

‘Anyway. That matters Sid.’ said I

‘Skip it please. For heaven’s sake. I am embarrassed. What are you doing?’

‘Okay. No need to be embarrassed and all. I did not mind.  Myself and my roomie came for a walk till Powai lake and now heading home.’ said I

‘Wow.Thats great. So you have started to roam around the next day you landed here. Pretty cool lady.’ smirked he

There was nothing to talk. But, yes. There were lots to talk. It was an awkward situation to deal with for both  of us.

We talked on for hours. Meanwhile we cooked and ate while Sid was still on phone finishing his supper too parallely. Dinner was not so great. But I did not mind it too much as I was fully locked up in Sid’s voice and his enthusiasm. The song ‘Someone like you’ by Adele was going on in my PC. Had this been watched as a scene on screen, it would have been in perfect sync as we both were full of cheers while we talked and there was this never ending breeze in Mumbai in the night time which supplied an instant energy to all the nerves.

It was 1:34 AM , and we were still on. The song was playing for like 50 th time and suddenly Sid asked, ‘ Hey Arti, Dont you get bored? Its been playing for the past 4 hours I guess!! Too much for a 4 minute song yaar!!’

‘Arrey. Looks like someone speaks as if they dont know about my ways. Will kill you. Dont you know that I wont get allured to things easily and if I am, I will be so addicted to it and be obsessive, huh? !! ‘

‘God!! You still haven’t changed Arti. I still remember how you watched the FD series. Just because you like it, You were able to bear the horrendous bloodsheds.’ laughed he

I felt irritated for being mocked at. ‘Fuck you. It was you who recommended to watch.’

‘Ok. My dear obsessive queen, Will you let me to sleep now? Its nearing 2 AM and we have to face our leads tomorrow with a bright face.’ said he with a cheerful laugh

That was like a silent slap to me even though it may or may not have been intended.

‘Bye Idiot! Sleep well.’ said I

‘With a smile please.’ said he

‘He… He..’ smiled I in an artificial way and was about to swore him when he cut the call suddenly.

‘Good god! Where on earth did they find this guy?!!’ said I to myself.

‘Does he really like to speak to me or Am I a just a timepass to him?’

Sid is still a mystery…

(To be continued…)

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