On my way – Chapter 4

I was so very irritated at Sid and his behaviour last night. I had an overwhelming feel that I was a pastime to him. I was not in a mood to get along with anybody in office today. And I could not meet him up too. I came to my room back weary, bearing all the traffic and the lovely Mumbai crowd.

Meanwhile ,  Sid was at his apartment. Sony woofers proved its quality with Bon Jovi’s ‘Its My Life.’ He was singing along posing like a guitarist and Vasu entered the room.

‘Hey Wow. Worth a shot Sid.’ said he and patted his back.

‘Hey Vasu. When did you come? I bunked office man. I was alone in room. It was wonderful. Peace of mind. Enjoying the ME Space.’

‘Cool. We really need that. So, Chalo. Lets have some tea downstairs. My head is quite heavy.’ Vasu was the synonym of Tiredness by then.

‘Ok Bud. You look like Shit. Haha. Quite a lot of screwing up today it seems.’ He smirked and got up, Wore his shirt and they walked downstairs.

‘Yes man. I am really screwed. No matter how much ever we work, the managers never get satisfied. Annoying.’

‘Skip it. You know this girl Arti , She did not even send me an SMS for my whereabouts. I am also annoyed.’ said Sid

‘Oh Are you? I guess you are getting into some serious issue with this girl Sid. And you know this is really not going to work out with your psyche. You dont know how to handle a relationship Sid. Really I am telling you.’ Vasu was blurting out

‘Easy easy Vasu. It hurts me a bit. Anyway, Nair Anna… Rendu Tea.’  They sipped the tea. And Sid was lost in thoughts. ‘Film making? Are you kidding me? I am not going to let you spoil Siddharth. I want you to lead a decent life.’  This was how Sid’s father reacted for his interest over Film making and now , Arti. He was wondering why his interests were always being thrashed. He decided not to give a damn about any of these things. ‘Its my life’ inspired him.

‘So Vasu , I am gonna meet her today evening. I have to sort this out. She is eating my head.’ said Sid

‘Alright. But dont end up like an idiot Sid.I am pretty sure you can not carry this forward.’ Vasu again

‘Forget it. Its just a meet with her. Do you find her interesting? Am I hindering or what? Haha.’ smirked Sid

‘What the Fuck. Get lost Sid. Go away.’ He frowned

‘I am coming with you. I have to change. I look like an overtime mine worker now. Might be some Axe effect would help.’ said Sid

‘Screw you man.’ grinned Vasu.

Sid changed to a black denim shirt and blue jeans and took an extra care to comb his hair. He  almost reached her apartment and coincidentally Arti was coming along with Ruchita.

‘Hey…!! ‘ Sid waved his hand.

‘Hi…! Arent you Sid?’ excited Ruchita

‘Yes. I am.’ smiled he ‘Your friend wont talk Miss?’

‘What do you want Sid?’ asked I

‘Hmm…??? One cheese burger and Chilled Pepsi.’ smirked he.

‘Haha. I have heard a lot about you. Glad to meet you now.’ said Ruchita

I wanted to get away from that place. He flirts with her too thought I insanely. I dont know if Sid could really read my mind. ‘So Arti , Shall we go for a walk?’ Ruchita started to taunt me ‘Oye Hoye… Carry on you both..Phir Milenge…! Let me buy the things we planned dear. Bye.’ And she started to leave.

I walked with him. Someway or other I could not avoid him. My legs sticked to the ground and I could not move when my friend left. Neither I could deny his proposal to walk with me.

‘Ahem Ahem..Whats up with you?’ asked Sid ‘You seem to be silent.’

‘I am…!!’ I cut it short

‘Oops..!! Anyway… I bunked office today. You did not even ask me where was I the whole day.’ said Sid

‘I thought the other way. I was so very pissed off…!!  Sadist..!! ‘ I blurted out and did not look at him at all in the whole conversation.

‘Understood…!! Alright.. Communication gap. But Sadist???? ‘ He grinned.  It brought Sid an unexplained joy that I missed his presence.We walked till we reached the Hiranandani gardens and we found a stone bench under a gulmohr to sit. It was the most pleasant evening to me. Buses rarely take a route inside and its one of the places where we find peace in Mumbai.

Even Sid was quiet by then. ‘So Sid , Whats the matter ? You have taken pains to meet me..!’ asked I now facing his eyes.

‘Awesome dark brown eyes shimmering in the sun. Lovely man..!! I am caught now completely.’ thought Sid and refused to look into my eyes.

‘I just wanted to meet you.’ said Sid. He seemed to be disturbed.  ‘Do you like this tree?’ bluffed Sid.

I laughed for Sid’s question ‘Yeahh…. I love it… Why do you seem to be disturbed Sid? Any problem? Be candid as far as you like.’ said I looking into his eyes

‘Really?’ He raised his eyebrws accompanied with a smile.

‘Yesssssssssss…….’ grinned I

‘I can be candid enough?’ He asked naughtily.

‘Ya you can be Sid.’ I understood what he meant now and I blushed. ‘Ok not much candid.’

‘Anyway… I wanted to tell you that you are awesome and I think I am happy with you. Love you so much Arti. Am I candid enough now?’ asked he confidently

I was dumbfounded. Throat has gone dried up and I choked for words. It was quite unexpected. I wanted to hug him right away and tell that I loved him too. But , I looked at him and smiled. ‘Shall we go?’

‘Oh yeah.. Sure..’ said he quite embarrassed but he did not seem to show that off.  We walked back with the usual chit chats like nothing happened a couple of minutes ago. At least I was happy that he is not flirting with me. On a moment of silence  I smiled at him and he reverted it. I remembered Master Card tagline ‘ There are few things which money cant buy.’ It was evident. I waved bye to Sid and was back at home.

Sid also reached his apartment whistling and he slouched on his bean bag. Vasu was at home working in his PC. ‘Sid man. So how was you second date?’

‘Ya went off quite awesome. We had a small talk in Hiranandani.  You can hang out with your girlfriend too. Quite a lot of darker places for you.’ smirked he

‘Shut up man. Forget my girlfriend. How about your new venture?’ he winked at him

‘Nothing much. Just as usual.’ said he

‘Usual what? Haha. You look like you have messed up.’

‘Nopes nothing like that. Everything went along well. Fine, I am gonna sleep now.’ said Sid quite plainly. He took his phone and dialed her number.

‘Hi Arti. Whats up? I just called to tell you Good Night.’ said he

She attended cheerfully but she was cautious not to let her emotions evident to him. ‘Oh. Was that why you called?’

‘Hmm…Yes.’  He was cautious for the same too.

She felt ebbed out and hung up saying ‘ Fine Bye then.’ She flung away the phone and felt quite odd. ‘He is not going to be my kind…!’ thought she.

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  1. Subhashree says:

    When can i read the next part????:)

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