On my way – Chapter 5

‘Arti..!! Arti…!! Wake up yaar..Office nahi hai kya? Its 8:30 already.’ patted Ruchita on my shoulders. I woke up with the loud ‘Shiela ki jawani’ banging the ears.

‘8:30..!! Gosh..! Reduce the volume you idiot…!!’ I looked for my mobile. It laid dissected on the floor. I remember flinging it last night  and now assembled it back, thanking the manufacturer for making it trauma free. I did not want to go to office. I called him and waited  to pick it up. ‘The number you are trying to reach is currently not asnwering your call’, came the automated message.

‘Fuck you.’ thought I and got up finally.

‘Chalo chalo..! Fresh up…!! I have made breakfast for you too. Give me company to eat. I give you 10 minutes.’ said she and brought steamy poha right from the pan.

‘Wow. Thanks dear. Will be right back.’ said I but peeped into mobile. She gave me a bump and saying ‘Sid is yours. Now please go.’

‘Ya ya going. He is not mine. I hate him Ruch.’ said I

‘Ya I know.’ She smirked. I walked past her and shut the washroom door with a bang. I heard her laughing loud. She was getting on my nerves. ‘You are having a bad day Arti’ I said to myself. One thing I could witness is that I am fully occupied by his thoughts. I desperately wanted to talk to him. I decided to meet him anyway today. I came back frowning my roomie. ‘I am gonna meet him today. Gonna slap him hard for being so irresponsible.’

‘So no office? Wow. Bunking for Boyfriend?’ taunted she

‘Chod yaar. Please. Understand my situation.’

‘Do anything you wish. Tell me what happened in the evening.’ She was concentrated on poha more than us. ‘Alright I m leaving.’ She waved me a bye and rushed to her cab. I kept the plate on the table and again tried calling. It was unanswered. After so many futile attempts, finally,

‘Hey.. you called??’

‘Oh don’t you know??’ I wanted to chop him. ‘What happened to you Sid.? You suddenly being so indifferent to me?’

‘Nothing like that honey. I just woke up.’

‘I am not gonna believe you.’

‘Fine then. Really cool.’

‘I wanna meet you Sid. I wanna get this thing sorted out.’

‘Ya Sure , Anytime. But ,which thing Arti?’

‘If you remember , you proposed love to me yesterday evening.’

‘Give me 10 minutes. Let me come to senses and talk to you. I am very sleepy.’ He hung up.

I felt insulted by that act and made my decision. ‘He is just another guy. Forget it.’ I told myself. But strangely, A thing which you want to forget is the thing you remember always.I decided to go to his house straight and give him a tight slap. I faintly remembered the dirty pale colored apartment he showed while I came with him on the first day. Dressed in a black kurti and jeans, I set out for my venture. I walked down the lane, rehearsing  how should I scold him for what he did.  I knocked the door and waited for him to open. I kept on pressing the door bell and annoyed the insider. With that doorbell even Kumbhkarna would wake up. But not Sid. I pressed incessantly.

‘Who the hell..!!’ shouted Sid. I was kinda happy for him getting annoyed.’Hey Arti. You?????!!’ he looked around if his owner caught him eyes widened.

‘Come in Quick.’ he dragged me inside and shut the door.

‘Hey. Whats wrong with you?’ asked I giggling

‘Arrey… Bandit queen. U have come to my home. What if someone sees me.’ he panicked

‘I don’t care.’ said I and sat in his couch ‘Your room is a mess.’

‘Meri Maa.’ he sat keeping his hand on his head

‘Why do you panic? Calm down. You just woke up?’ asked I scanning his room from corner to corner.

‘Haan yaar. I was not feeling well yesterday. I slept so long.’

‘So Sid, You love me right?’ asked I

He gave a shy look and smiled ‘I guess so.’

‘Why didn’t you pick my call? I called you so many times. You arrogant ass.’ I shouted at him

‘So you came up straight to my home? I should be in contact with your mom, young lady.’ smirked he.

‘Be in contact with me first of all.’ winked I

‘Alright. But, bandit queen. You surprised me a lot today. I am still in shock.’

‘So what?’ asked I.

He was muted and so was I. I broke the ice after a couple of minutes ‘ Will you marry me? ‘ I was surprised at myself for what I asked.

He should be flabbergasted and stumbled from the chair ‘What?’

‘Will you marry me you deaf ass?’

‘Ya I would. Very much baby.’ He hugged me tight and pecked my cheek.

‘I didn’t expect this.’ blushed I ‘ But when? Parents are looking for a groom for me.’ He let me free  ‘ Oh.!! Here we go. We have got villains for the love story finally.’ He smiled and heaved a sigh. ‘I never really thought I would be falling for my senior.’  grinned he slyly

‘The converse is also true FYI.’ I grinned. ‘Love yo Sid.’ Still I was not sure what future has in its store. All I knew by that time was that I love him so much.

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