On my way – Chapter 6

We had spent the entire part of the day roaming around the city. We took the suburban train to Dadar. The suburban trains in Bombay are the most powerful mode of transportation in the city. Bombay achieved this distinctive division of East and West through the tracks. Thanks to Lord Dalhousie! We reached Dadar West and took another train to Bandra, the rich peoples’ Bombay.

There was no one in the compartment except us and an old woman. She was sleeping on the other side, her heads were shaking to the motion of the train and it seemed like she was hearing some ‘Sheila Ki Jawani’ and popping her head like some teenage girl.

It is normal for a girl to get catalytic when she is alone with her guy in an otherwise crowded public place. The same happened with me in the train. I was expecting some kind of affection or what do you call it, an involvement from Sid, but here he was sleeping with his heads rested on the open gutters of the train with his mouths popped open a little. What would you say for this! He is really the worst ever son of a bitch I have met in my life!

I gave a huge blow on his shoulder with mine. He woke up with an alarming gesture thinking that some disaster had occurred  I couldn’t control my laughter and it was so audacious that the people from the next two coaches would have heard it. The same laughter woke up the old lady in the train and she got irritated and cursed us in Marathi. Thank god, I haven’t learnt it yet.

‘Gosh! Arti. What’s wrong? Why did you do that?’ asked Sid, who seemed irritated as he was roused from his sleep. Wow! A man totally unfit for a girl!

‘Fuck you Sid! We are alone and you are an asshole! That’s all I can say’, said I and turned towards the direction of the old lady who was still staring at me intently. I would say I was even scared.

Couple kissing

Sid peeped at the old lady woman moving me aside and saw me and suddenly got hold of my head with his left hand, brought my face near his and grabbed my lips, smooched it for about a minute and left me as such and went back to sleep. My heart was in my mouth pounding like 500000+ beats per minute. I could see the mouths of the old lady popped open so wildly. I couldn’t come to my senses at all. The train crossed Matunga Road and was approaching Mahim. I was dumbfounded. The next stop is Bandra. I didn’t know if I should wake him up or just sit and savor that moment. All I could hear was the swearing of the old lady who had lost her sleep and perhaps her peace of mind too!

Bandra was approaching and I had no other choice but to wake him up. As I was about to do that, the automated voice’s message blurted out on the train speakers, ‘Next Station – Bandra’ and thankfully Sid came alive to the sound of that voice.

‘Hey baby! Back from a power nap.. We gotta get down. You look cute’ said he with his power smile and got up and walked toward the door and waited for the station to arrive. The old lady saw him with a fierce eye like he is some Mafia gang lord  He smiled back at her sweetly and stood near the door. The moving winds brushed his hair off smoothly and he looked rugged but awesome. He gestured me to come.

I quickly got into my senses, my breathing still at its high, moved towards him and made sure that I am not making any eye contact with the hag.

Sid reacted as if nothing happened in the past ten minutes. I couldn’t react. He traps me cleverly. I don’t know whether he does it on purpose or unintentionally.

We got down in the station and walked towards Elco Market, a heavily crowded place for young couples and kids, where you can get anything from dresses to delicious vadapavs. Shopping bags are also famous here.

Sid was moving swiftly on the road grabbing my hands cheerfully and was singing some good number in a low tone. I was desperately trying to bring this topic of the scene in the train to him so that I could see how he reacts, but neither could I get the guts nor does he allow me to.

All I know was that I was very happy inside.

Sid bought a tee for himself. He likes the ones that are sold on the platforms. They are cheap, can be instantly used and thrown away. Men, these days!

He told me that he would get one for me too and took me to Reliance Trends, which sits in the heart of Elco Market, a six storeyed building, having a wide variety of collections for all.

I made up my mind to ask him about the scene in some way so that I can see what he felt about it and so my mind was constantly in it. He was picking up some tees for me and was trying to flirt with the shop girl who was showing him the different colors and varieties.

‘Hey Sid.. I wanna ask you something!’ said I, with a gleeful smile.

I guess he understood.

‘First try this and then ask me anything. Deal?’ , said he placing a tee in my hand and smiling handsomely.

‘Deal’, said I, cheerfully and went inside the trail room.

I was changing into the tee and was quickly coming over with how I should start this conversation with him. I saw myself in the new tee and I loved it so much. Yes, I was a little narcissistic when it came to looks. I have grown up a lot. With all this in mind and quickly recollecting all the things that I need to speak, I went out of the trial room like a child who goes to show his new dress to his mom towards where Sid was.

I couldn’t spot Sid anywhere so I asked the shop girl with a gesture where he was. She pointed her fingers in the direction of women’s handbag section. I was wondering if Sid was going to buy a bag too and walked towards it and what I saw shook me up totally…….!!

(To be continued…)

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