On my way – Chapter 7

Sid was standing with his hands placed in a nearby bag stand. Standing before him and speaking boisterously was Stephen, who happens to be my batch mate in college. Sid, being his junior, was talking to him so cheerfully. May be about their good old days I guess! Now, the problem is not that. He is my ex-boyfriend. I had been in a relationship with him for two years in my third year and final year in college. I don’t have answers for why I was attracted to him. May be the problem every teenage girl faces at that time I guess. Somehow, it was broken.

But what if he sees me? How will I react to Sid? As far as I know, nobody knows about my relationship with Stephen except a very few. Ruchita knows about it. Mom and Dad know about it. These thoughts were creating a load of waves in my mind, when someone patted on my back.

It was Sid, this time with Stephen.

‘Hey Steph, how are you?! What a surprise to see you?!’, beamed I indifferently.

‘Hey Arti. I have come on a three-day business trip to Mumbai. Just roaming around here. Thought of taking a bag for my mom when I spotted this naughty kid. How have you been?’.

Stephen seemed nonchalant. I wonder how he controls all that and speaks as though I was just his college mate and nothing more than that. It is actually true from his side because it was only me who was obsessed with him at that time and he actually showed negative signs from the beginning regarding this love and marriage and all that stuffs. But he is a very brilliant guy.

Sid seemed much more upbeat about this meeting. I couldn’t guess if he really knows about this and hides it or does he know nothing about it. Gosh! Too much to think for a while!

‘Yea I am good Steph. You have become bulky’, smirked I.

‘Yea. Look at you. You have become so gorgeous’, says he. A secret blush pops in my face. Gosh! I am so uncomplicated!

‘Arrey! Nothing like that yaar!’, said I brushing away his retreat quickly,

‘Ok guys, you continue your waffles! I will go and see something in the Men’s section’, said Sid cheerfully and started to move. What is he trying to do? Is he trying to give a private space to both of us? Does this mean he know everything? May be. May be not. I hate him!

With this confusions banging in my head like anything, Steph interrupted Sid and said, ‘No no, Sid. I gotta go to a movie with friends. Hangover II. Can’t wait to see that motherfucker Alan’s activities in this one! So you carry on. Bye Arti. Bye Sid. Take care, both of you’, said Steph and parted off from us with a big smile. Stephen has still not changed his habits. Swearing in public in his most famous quality.

I was thoroughly relieved by his departure.

‘You would have made a great pair with him’, smirked Sid.

‘Fuck you Sid. I’m leaving’, said I in an extreme temper.


‘Chill baby! All for fun and this t-shirt looks so beautiful on you’, said Sid and putting his hands on my shoulders.

My cheeks blushed in overjoy on hearing his comments. Only Sid can make me to shift quickly from an extremely angry mood to a most happy one.

‘Cool. Then, I will take it’, said I and started to go to trial room to change again.

Sid watched her go inside the trial room and for no reason he started to think about her. The thought of Arti being very open and cheerful knocked over his mind at that time continuously and he was also wondering why she would love a guy like him in the first place. He suspected that she should have had been in a relationship before. Thinking about himself, he thought it was not a big deal. He was laughing at himself when Arti came and kicked him in his bums. Sid paid for the dress and together they moved out of the store giggling each other.

(To be continued…)

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