On my way – Chapter 8

After the bump in with Stephen, something inside Sid was constantly reminding him about Arti and her relationships. He couldn’t guess if she really loved him or not. He couldn’t guess if she is assuming that every relationship is a time pass  He was also confused whether Arti was also caught up in a strangely confused state as he was. Whatever it was that had run through his mind, he finally let it go thinking Arti is his girl and she would never have the same kind of feelings with him that she had had in the past with others. He was somehow sure about that. Because he felt that their bonding was different.

Days went by so soon and Sid’s one more month of intern was quickly coming to an end. There was only three more days to go for his departure from Mumbai and I felt very sick about that. I couldn’t take it. I knew that Sid felt the same too. I had a thought that may be he has a little insecure feeling with me right now.

I was sitting in my cubicle going over all these stuff when Sid hit me sharply at the back.

‘Ouch! Sid! Man! You are an animal!.. What’s up?’

‘I am leaving in three days. My internship is getting over. You know that?’

What would I say to him? I have been thinking about that only for the past one week. This   guy, who is two years younger to me, is playing with my heart so badly.

Without reacting, I replied, ‘Yes, I know. What can I do for that?’ to see how he reacts. As expected, his face reaction changed immediately to a cute sad tone. I would love to see that infinitely. I wished to kiss him badly for that.

‘You love me. So I thought that you would feel a little sad or something like that!. Never mind’, said Sid.

What an innocent reply! Is he doing it purposefully? I couldn’t control my emotions and pinched him on his cheeks and touched his lips. Fuck, I was in office. I couldn’t kiss him.

‘Do you think that I am happy? I know how I feel. A kid is doing all these things to me. That’s the irony’

A change of irritated reaction now on his face. Wow!

‘Don’t call me a fucking kid! Fuck you!’

‘Cool baby! Chill’ smiled I and giggled him and he smiled. Ah that 1000 watts smile!

A moment of silence and Sid opened up.

‘Okay listen. I have two options for you’

‘What are they?’

‘One – Lets watch ‘Wake Up Sid’ which has hit the theaters recently’

I was already taking my bag to leave and was excited to hear his idea. We were so crazy about that movie’s songs. We sang all the songs together almost like 25 times and it had Ranbir Kapoor, the hottest and the best actor in Bollywood then and now. We didn’t know about the story but badly wanted to watch it.

With a great anticipation, I asked, ‘What is the other one?’

‘Marry me!’

I was stunned on hearing this and saw him like a sculpture literally and after some ten seconds of silence, we both started to laugh our asses out. I was hitting him badly and we were walking towards the parking lot. Sid will leave his pulsar to Vasu who will return it after his intern gets over which is like a month away. I badly wanted to go along with him in bike as much as possible before he left. I also secretly wished that he plant a gentle kiss on my cheeks before starting from the parking lot.

We were walking along with conversations as usual.

‘So which option?’

‘I guess I would go with the first one’, said I.

‘Oh so Ranbir wins. OK let me note that’, said Sid.

I blushed and stopped when Sid was moving along to take his bike.

I said, ‘ You idiot. I will marry you for sure. This first option is to spend those amazing two hours in your arms in a movie like this. That’s why’.

Sid stopped suddenly, turned back and came towards me and fixed his eyes on mine and caressed my hairs and said, ‘ I love you Arti. I love you like hell’ and planted a french kiss on my lips which lasted for some two minutes I guess. He was smooching on and on that I think he sucked the entire saliva out of my mouth. The duration was more than that which happened in train. Thank god, there was nobody in the lot then.

He finished his kissing session and started to walk towards his bike. I think my heart beats had stopped entirely at that time. I was out of the world. I couldn’t think of anything. I didn’t know how he was steady even at that instant.

Oh I love him so much! I can never take him out of my life!


He came with his bike and gestured me to sit. I shook my head like a tanjore doll and sat on the back seat. I couldn’t speak at all. I grabbed him so hard and closed my eyes and wanted to be like that forever….

(To be continued….)

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