On my way – Chapter 9

We arrived well in advance for the movie which was due at 7:20 PM. I thought we would be late considering the traffic from Goregaon East to Kanjurmarg West which was approximately 13 km. Due to Sid’s mind blowing bike skills, we were able to vroom between the gaps of many wheels like the one showed in ‘The Matrix’ movie. Silly, but was a memorable ride!

I wanted to spend the time alone with him somewhere. In order that we might enjoy that time in privacy, I took Sid to a small and a beautiful park near the cinemas itself. I used to have a morning walk in this park with Ruchita as our home was just in the eastern side and we would cross the platform easily and would come here in ten minutes or so. That seemed to be a good exercise too!

We sat on a bench beneath a banyan tree which covered the surrounding places like a blanket. I purposefully sat to the right side of Sid in a hope that chances of getting kissed is more this side.

Sid was in a full-hand casual shirt (folded at hands) and a blue jean. He had this little beard that always sported him a more manly look. I loved it. He used to shave irregularly. But if he does, he looks completely stunning and that’s a different story now. I was in my black Kurti and jean.

He was seeing a girl who was accompanying her grandmother on an evening walk. His eyes were getting out and he was staring her so wildly that I decided instantaneously that he was surely fantasizing her. I am ashamed to say this, but his mouth was even open a little and I wouldn’t be surprised if one or two drops of liquid popped out from the corner of his mouth. I got extremely irritated.

So I started shooting questions to him, whatever that came to my mind.

‘So, Sid .. What are you looking at?’

He immediately turned to my side as if he was witnessing some UFO crashing on earth with the same stunning look unchanged.

‘Hmm. I was just looking at that old woman, Arti. How cool she is! Able to walk even at this age! Great know?!’ said he with a really amazed look..

Whatever that was being said was definitely a lie! Added to that, some real emotions also! WTF is going on! Is he thinking me as a school kid or what?

‘Don’t lie you bugger! You were staring at the girl not at the old woman! Accept it Sid. I won’t bite you’, said I and turned to the other side. There was no sound from him. I was secretly expecting ‘the-all-so-special-sudden-kiss’ of Sid now. As there was no response, I confirmed that he must have started looking at that girl again and turned to look at him with a look of Goddess Kali. He was just waiting for me to turn to him. He smiled immediately.

‘This was what I was waiting for. The look on your face. Ah I can die for it !’ said Sid with a slanted look on his face and stretched his back on the bench with a smile like he had some heart break.

I don’t know why I blush whenever he does that. After all, he is two years younger to me and am still getting it. Is this called a real feeling? Yes I was sure about it. But there was some hesitation that was boiling inside me too. I didn’t know what it was at that time. I didn’t know if it was because Sid was younger to me or if it was about what I would say to my parents or if he will really take care of me as he is very ambitious or anything else. I didn’t know.

Suddenly, I felt my paranoia starting to grow when I realized that Sid would be off in two days to his place with his internship getting over by then.

‘Thanks for the compliment. Sid, you will be going home in two days?Isn’t it?’asked I

‘Yeah. If you want me to stay here, I will stay. Under some conditions’, said he in a strict tone.

Puzzled, I asked what they were.

‘I need a monthly salary of Rs.20,000/- inclusive of all services!’, said he still maintaining his strict gesture.

I couldn’t control my laugh. But I also tried.

‘Does that include servicing me also?’, asked I and bit my lip to curb my smile.

‘Oh, No Arti. That will cost a lot. Its not easy to serve you. You are a monster. I need to work out a lot’, said Sid and we both started to laugh as usual in our style as everyone in the park started to watch us.

Suddenly I felt very lonely and wanted to spend more time with Sid.

‘Sid, you won’t forget me right?’

‘I should ask that to you Arti. Don’t take my cover! ‘, said Sid with a killer smile.

‘You will have many people in your life. Many girls, who would do things for you’

‘Things? What are you talking about?’

‘I am crazy on you. I am sure there would be many girls coming and going in your life. May be you are hiding from me or you may have not noticed it I guess!’

Sid was seeing me intently and suddenly sneaked his head below watching the space between his legs where an ant was walking with a speck of rice attached to its shoulder. He had a bit of a strange smile too.I thought that there must have been someone else in his life too like mine or that may be he was influenced by someone else’s love. Either way I didn’t want to hear and accept it or had the heart to.

‘What’s that Sid?Tell me’

‘I won’t forget you, Arti. It’s not possible’

‘Then, why were you smiling when I said it?’

Again the same smile seeing the space below and he opened up after a moment of silence.

‘I was just imagining what would happen if I forget you?’, said Sid with his smiling face turned towards me now.

With a puzzled look, I repeated, ‘What would have happened?’

He came closer to me, pinched my cheeks and said, ‘You are my obsessive queen, right? You would have dragged me on to the ground with a rope tied on my legs as a punishment. I was just imagining that’.

I didn’t know if what he said was true or not. But I felt secured on hearing it. I grabbed his arms and was lying on his shoulder peacefully.

It was time and we walked towards the theater and thankfully sat two seats from the back side which was way too comfortable.

Movie had started. Sid and I thoroughly enjoyed it. He was singing along with every song so cheerfully especially ‘Kya karoon’ and ‘Life is Crazy’. I was totally in love with Ranbir Kapoor watching this movie.

We both were fixed inside the movie when that song came. Our most favorite number. ‘Iktara’ sung by Kavitha Seth. I didn’t know why but I had tears in my eyes so much.

I don’t know how to explain it but I really had. Sid was in my mind at that time. The song and Sid sitting near, made me cry I guess. I grabbed his arms tightly and slowly whispered in his ears.

‘Hey bastard, Don’t ever think of leaving me. I cannot imagine that’, said I with a wept look.

Sid was carried away by my status at that time. I thought he was very disturbed on seeing me like that.

He came near me and asked, ‘Was the popcorn so spicy??’

You cannot imagine the kind of mixed feelings I got at that time. I wanted to slap as well as to hug him. I gave a rough blow on his shoulders and turned towards the screen.

‘Relax. I love you and I promise I will always be with you’, said Sid. There was truth in his eyes.

The movie was over. But I couldn’t come out of it. It was like watching my own life story on a screen of course with a little twist then and there.

All I wished was a happy ending like that.

We came out of the theater and Sid dropped me at my hostel.

Ruchita asked if I felt low as Sid was leaving in two days. I said that I was alright and that we would always stay in touch. She gave a nod and went off to sleep and so did I carrying happy memories of that day.

The next day went off at a great speed as Sid had some last day formalities to be completed and I had a bunch of work too.

We spent the evening having dinner at Thai Cuisine.

‘Shall we go for ‘Wake Up Sid’ once again tonight?’ asked I without a second thought.

‘I would love to. But I can’t make it today I guess. I have my flight tomorrow morning. Remember?’ said Sid with a edgy look.

‘Arrey! Nothing will happen yaar! You can sleep all the time after that!’

‘I am feeling very tired Arti. Okay lets go’, said he.

I realized that he must have been tired due to a heavy day’s work. These interns get screwed a lot more than us, the employees.

‘No prob Sid.We will leave. You need some rest’, said I with a disappointed look but managed to hide it somehow.

Sid was watching my eyes.

‘Ok chalo, lets leave’, said he and we started off in his bike.

I realized that he was not going in the direction of my hostel which was located in Kanjurmarg East rather he was going towards west and I was wondering why at a time like that.

To my surprise, he parked the bike in front of BIG Cinemas and asked me to wait so that he would grab two tickets and come. I couldn’t love Sid more than that.

‘Sid’, called I .

‘Yes, baby’, said he with his sharp smile.

‘Thank you’, said I with a blushed smile.

‘Anything for you’, said he and went off to buy the tickets and came back disappointed which is when I realized that it was House full.

‘Its ok Sid. We ll leave.’, said I and pulled him. He released my hand from his shoulder gently and waited.

‘Just wait, Arti. Something will happen now. Let’s hope for the best’, said he with a confident look in his face.

As he expected, a boy was walking around like a thief. Sid approached him and he sold the front row tickets for 200/- each.

‘Are the front rows okay for you baby?’, asked Sid with a confused expression.

I smiled at him and said that anything was okay for me until I sat next to him during those two hours of time.

He was thoroughly feeling excited.

We sat at the first row and were watching the movie with our neck upwards. I was keenly watching so that I would see the parts which I had missed when I had come with Sid the last time. Half of the time was spent in looking at him flirtatiously then.

This time I guess he was watching me. Once again, Iktara song came and he grabbed my hands this time. Tightly!

‘What happened Sid?’, asked I, surprised totally.

He was coming closer to my lips.

‘Baby, relax. This is a theater. We are in the front row. Everyone could see us’, said I, unable to control my emotions. I was full of smiles.

He switched me off with his evergreen dialogue, ‘I Love you Arti!’ and kissed me gently.

I could hear claps and whistles from the backside of the screen as the following lines went on the screen at that time.

sun rahi hoon sudh budh khoke koi main kahani

(losing my consciousness I am listening to some story)

 poori kahani hai kya kise hai pata

(what is whole story who knows)

 main to kisiki hoke yeh bhi na jaani

(becoming someone’s I didn’t know)

 ruth hai ye do pal ki ya rehgi sada

(is it a season of moment or will it stay forever)

 kise hai pata, kise hai pata

(who knows? who knows?)

Suddenly I came to senses and brushed him aside with a happy smile. My face was pink.

I realized that people at the back saw us and cheered and clapped their hands. I couldn’t control my blush at all. What a lovely moment that was! I also saw Sid happy with a pinch of a small tear in his eye!

Wow that was unbelievable! I never asked him because I am sure that he would never accept it even if it was true!

He dropped me at my hostel and thanked me for everything and said that he would meet me in the morning before he started off to airport.

I came back happily to my room and slept off like a child.

The next morning I called him up early to wake him up and get ready.

He came in a taxi with Vasu to my hostel. Ruchita was waiting along with me to see him off.

I accompanied him inside the taxi and he waved his hands to Ruchita who reciprocated it back happily.

We reached the airport in an hour. It was 6:00 AM. Sid’s flight was at 7:15 AM. We were standing for the flight attendant to call for the flight when Sid started the conversation.

‘Hey Vasu. Meet you in a month man! Bring my pulsar back safely! Will be missing you!’, said Sid .

‘Sure thing! I will do that! I will see you next month. I will miss you too’,said Vasu and they hugged each other.

‘Vasu you have a call now right?’ , said Sid with a sheepish smile.

Vasu understood it and said yes and went off to another place. I was standing there smiling and knowing all that was happening before me.

‘Arti.I wish to say something to you’

‘Yup Sid. I am all ears!’

‘Huh.. I have never come across this.. But I just wanted to say that please don’t forget me. I hope you won’t’,said Sid.

I was questioning myself on why Sid was behaving like this but then I realized that it was not two common lovers speaking. It was me and Sid. We both had our own share of talents and so each felt insecure about the other person. Is it not possible for two people like us to fall in love without any doubts like this? Everything was perfect between us. Still we had this question about the other person. Life is always a puzzle.

‘Sid. Don’t fool yourself. You have been with me for a month now. You know how I am right? Then you shouldn’t say this at all’, said I with a disappointed look.

‘I know Arti. I believe in you. I never believe in myself’,said Sid and that stunned me right there.

‘Does that mean you will forget me?’ asked I with an irritated look.

‘Nope.Never. It’s nothing like that’, said Sid shaking his head badly. He was searching for words I guess.

‘Hmm. Forget about it,Arti. I never meant anything. I love you so much’, said Sid and gave me that final kiss before departure which was the best of all.

Vasu came back happily after his ‘so-called’ call.

‘Macha, I’ll take leave da. Take Care. Take care Arti. Love you. Will miss you’, said Sid.

I gave a hug to him once again and he started to walk his way towards the boarding point. I was watching him with smile on my lips and tears on my eyes.

‘Arti, Are you alright? Can I get you anything?’, asked Vasu.

I just shook my head nodding a no as I couldn’t speak. I waved him towards our exit direction and we went to our taxi and reached our place in an hour. I couldn’t brush Sid aside but I couldn’t slip away my office work either. So, I started to get ready to my office with great hopes and desires boggling in my head!

Is it really impossible for two people like us to really love each other without a feeling of insecurity? Are we that bad? I am not getting any answer for this question………….

 (To be continued…..)

Author’s Note : As a part of the story, from now on, Sid will be taking over the first person, who will be narrating the story to us just like Arti did all these days. I am sure you loved them and I can assure you that you’ll love the upcoming chapters even more. The story will here after be taken over by the rendition from Siddarth. Happy reading!

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