On my way – Chapter 10

AUTHOR’S NOTE: As mentioned in the previous chapter, the rendition of this story comes from Siddharth.  Happy reading!

Dec 31, 2011 (Present)

My relationship with her has started again! Again!??!!

There was a great lapse in our relationship after I came back from my internship two years back. I know you must be shocked on hearing this! I will explain all in detail sooner!
188142-wake-up-sidBy the way, I have successfully graduated in Computer Science and Engineering and I am currently employed in Intel Corporation with a very decent salary for a fresher. I am happy that I got to stay once again with my best friend Vasu, who is employed in IBM, Chennai and we reside at Adyar. Vasu’s girlfriend Chinju is also employed in the same office and they are enjoying a lot nowadays. Oh I forgot to introduce Chinju James. She is my classmate in school and college, which means I know her through the same duration as Vasu. Vasu used to sit in the middle in our bench in our classroom 12th Standard ‘G’ Section, while Chinju used to sit in the adjacent bench near to my side. I was given the task of passing the love letters and stuff between these two. She is a very good friend of mine. Vasu and I have rented a flat at Adyar, which happens to be one of the posh areas in South Chennai. Chinju is staying at Tiruvanmiyur, the very next area to Adyar, which happens to be the starting point of the exotic ECR road. She used to come many times to our room. They are also going to resorts in the weekends. I envy them. The reason for me choosing Adyar was to stay with one of my best friends Vaidhyanathan, known as VD. He is currently in his final year of engineering.

So this is about my people! Coming back to my Arti and story!

After I came back from my not-so-forgettable internship, things got busy in college. I was getting into my final year and I was handling three organizations at a time. Although, academic pressure was a lot lesser than my previous years, my organizational role had climbed up to its highest and I had to work relentlessly to make sure that I fulfilled the role of my position. Vasu had safely returned my pulsar from Mumbai as promised. It was of great help to me then. He and Chinju helped me a lot at that time in my organizational activities. As a part of my final year project, I was designing a website for my college which sucked a lot of time too! I had successfully launched my website but I was awarded the lowest marks for the project as my documentation sucked! To hell with my project mentor who is an arrogant asshole!

My communication with Arti got gradually less. Her calls were getting lowered to single digit day by day. I sensed that she must also have been busy at her job. I envied her anyway because she was enjoying in Mumbai. It was she who showed me that Mumbai is an awesome place and I felt very low that I couldn’t enjoy with her.

Her friend Ruchita is working in Chennai. She started to get in touch with me a little more than it used to be in college days. It was from her that I came to know that Arti is hanging out with Stephen, who has been transferred to Mumbai now. I couldn’t believe it but the very few calls which I made to her were waiting. May be I would have had a misunderstanding. But these things did not cross off my mind at that time. I couldn’t take it when many sources confirmed me that they are hanging out in Mumbai together and having a nice time. So without a flash of thought, I cut her relationship. I didn’t even attend the few calls which she made to me. I realized that ours was purely an insecure love. It felt heavy for me. Somehow, I managed to make myself busy and carried on with friends.

Apart from Vasu, Chinju and VD, Aisha used to console me a lot. Oh I haven’t introduced Aisha right?! Pardon me. She happens to be my college mate. I met her on the first day of my college and till date she has been a great friend to me. She is working for TCS at Bangalore. It was only with her with whom I used to spend time with personally in college, apart from Vasu and Chinju.

After I joined my job, I was idle for few days and so the thought of Arti came back to me again. Those two months (August and September) were really hard for me. Then I got settled in a project of designing parameters for a new processor. Things have been really busy in office in the last three months. I was ordered to buy a lap for myself in my office and I couldn’t escape from it this time. I am more of a Desktop PC lover and ten days ago, I bought a laptop finally. It is a HP Pavilion DV6. Vasu’s choice. Have you ever heard about a love story which survived from a great relapse through a video call in Skype? Well I haven’t  until the same happened to me. Fuck. Nothing can separate me from Arti it seems.

I will tell all about it later as Vasu is calling me for the New Year party now. We are going to Elliot’s beach in Besant Nagar, which is a kilometer away from our home. Every night, we used to spend our time there. Myself, Vasu and sometimes Chinju also. But today, it is going to be special. Vasu has bought three bottles of Kingfisher beer and I will just accompany him. He is a chain smoker and a weekly boozer. So, see you. Happy New Year 2012!

(To be continued…)

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