On my way – Chapter 11

Last night was the best party ever for me! I even tasted a glass of beer too. For Vasu! It was bitter and sour. I don’t know how he had managed to gulp down three bottles! God! He peed at least 25 times along the way back home. All he needed was a space of a square meter and he squeezed his dick right there. Somehow, I grabbed him with his arms around mine and made him walk all the way to our home a 1 AM on January 1st, 2012. Chinju didn’t want to join us that night as she knew that beach will be full of guys with beer and whisky bottles in their hands and who will be totally out of their minds at that time.

I finally laid down on my bed like a buffalo in water and was going over the day’s moments while Vasu was still at his peak of famous speeches.

‘Only George Bush can change India machi! Only him! No one else! He should become the next Prime Minister. Otherwise, Chinju will win again and I don’t like that’.

I couldn’t control my laughter. How hilarious he can be when he is HIGH!!!

Vasu was getting his sleep slowly and I switched off the lights and the usual blue bulb was glowing. Vasu was lying in a position which seemed like he was crucified and his mouth was wide open. I quickly took a snap of it with flash and mailed it to Chinju.

Her SMS flashed up immediately.

“That’s a terrific pose! Done with your party?’.

I replied, ‘Yup. Vasu is high than ever before in his life. He doesn’t like you becoming the prime minister of India’

‘WTF?! What are you talking about? I think you are high:-P’

‘Nope! Will explain all later. Hope you had a great party too. Happy new year Chinju’

‘Okay. Yeah, I had a great new year too. Thanks a lot dear. Wish you the same. Hope you have a great year with Arti. Nail her this time 🙂 😉 But, remember I love you too :)’

‘Oh that’s very straight. Marry me then. Won’t you? :P’ replied I with a wry smile.

‘Sure. Let’s talk to Vasu first thing in the morning and I will dump him for sure 😛 :)’.

‘Now I love you really Chinju… Thanks a lot 🙂 Thanks for being with me all these years. You will make a great pair with Vasu. My support will always be there for you guys’.

‘Arrey! It’s getting too cinematic yaar! 🙂 Sleep soon 🙂 Arti and 69 dreams: P’.

‘What is a 69?’.

‘Don’t act smart kid 🙂 Google it if you don’t know. Goodnight. Sweet dreams 🙂 See you tomorrow :)’.

‘You caught me babe 🙂 Night night… Happy New Year’.

‘Happy new year da :)’.

Then I happened to see the other unread messages. Three were from Aisha.

‘Siddiiii… Happy New Year da… I called you many times… No response… Enjoying out with friends eh?? 🙂 Have a great year da. All the best’, at 00:00 Hrs.

‘Slept??????’, at 00:13 Hrs.

‘Ok. Goodnight!’, at 00:35 Hrs.

I replied, ‘Thanks Aisha. Yes I went to beach with my roomie and was having a great time. Didn’t take mob. Happy New Year. Have a great year too! :)’

Then there were the other things. 24 SMS, 22 missed calls, 11 direct messages in Twitter and 31 in FB from Arti.  I realized at that moment that I am going to be dead. I presumed that she would have slept by then and sent a message hoping that the next morning I can manage with that blaming it all on the network.

‘Happy New Year amlu!!! 🙂 Mmmmmuaaahhh’ at 01:47 Hrs.

Amlu is the name she had kept for me. I don’t know if she has kept the same to anyone else too. No offense!

Three minutes passed by and there was no reaction. I thanked god for saving me from a great disaster. I planned to fantasize Priyanka Chopra that night and was about to close my eyes when a new SMS flashed. My notification showed that it was from Arti. My heart beats pounded like anything and I opened it.

‘F.U.C.K. Y.O.U. Goodnight!’

‘Goodnight Amlu :)’, replied I with smile on my face.



‘Okay. Goodnight’. I decided we are in for a fierce battle that night when I saw this message and smiled badly.

‘Yeah, okay Goodnight Arti’, sent I with more anticipation and excitement for the next message.

‘Sure. Goodnight’, replied Arti and I started to laugh hard. I feared that I might wake up Vasu. But he was so high that that thought was unnecessary at that moment. I didn’t reply her as I felt bored of it.

There was a pause for ten minutes and a new SMS popped up.

‘You loathsome pig! Can I call you?’, came the message from my sweet Arti and I replied with a yes immediately.

Speaking of calls, it is only Arti who calls me and I only give her missed calls. Interstate call rates are high. After all, she is earning a lot! I never had intended to do it myself but Arti had made it a custom.

The phone rang and it was Arti. I answered it immediately and didn’t speak a word. The same was happening from her side too I guess. After a span of two minutes, she spoke.

‘Pig… Fucker… Idiot…?’

‘Yes… Yes… Yes… I won. I won…’ exclaimed I with a great deal of enthusiasm after winning this undetermined silent game where I was the spectator and referee.

‘Fuck you Sid. You are such a great non-sense. You don’t value people’

‘I’m sorry amlu. I forgot to take my mobile while going to beach. By the way, the beach was aweso..’

She interrupted my speech.

‘You have done it purposefully Sid. You know that I will be constantly pampering you and so you have done this. I hate this attitude of yours, Sid’

‘No Arti that’s not the reason’

‘Then what the fuck is the reason?’

‘There is nothing sweetie. I forgot it. Period’

‘Don’t speak sentences with this fucking word ‘period’ and all. You’re not worth it, you dumbass!’

‘I know you’re angry. I am sorry. Happy New Year. Mmmmmuaaaahhhh’.

I thought it would stop her groaning and it really had some effect. There was uneasiness in her breathe and her voice became soft.

‘Thanks Sid. Happy New Year too. Skype?’

‘No honey. I am damn tired now. First thing in the morning okay?’

‘Mmm.. Okay.. Then tell me what you did today?’

I narrated the whole incidents that happened as a part of New Year Celebrations and she kissed me for every sentence that I spoke. Finally, she said that she will sleep and leave me. It was the first time it had ever happened. Usually, she wouldn’t allow me to sleep and I had to make up fake excuses or pretend as if I have slept and she would cut the call. But the story was different this time.

I allowed her to sleep with that nth kiss and felt that it was all starting again.

Now I will come back to the story of how it all started again between us. It was an evening on December 19, 2011 I guess. Vasu was still not back from office while I had managed to come quickly at 5PM itself. I was wearing black shorts and a blue tee. For the first time, I tried connecting my lap with the Wi-Fi present in my home and it did and the speed was pretty good. Then, a sudden message opened up on my screen. It was for an update in Skype. I clicked yes and it was updating for some five minutes and after the update was done and over, it asked for my credentials. It’s been a really long time since I skyped last. So, I wanted to see how the user interface looked after the update and all that stuff. I forgot my password. So I gave my email id and then retrieved my password and gave in a new one. Funny enough, I had my new password named as Arti@123 and opened it.

The UI was pretty much the same and nothing had changed much. The online contacts were seen at the left side of the screen. Before, I peered my eyes to see who were online, a video call came suddenly. It was from Arti. I was shocked. I didn’t know what to do. For all the things that had taken place between us, this was too much. I couldn’t understand with what confidence she was calling me. I hated her. I think I hated her. I don’t know. Never mind! So, I thought of attending the call and question her sense of love for me so badly and so I did.

I attended the call and the screen was loading with that usual circle and my heart beat rose to 200 beats per minute. A single chain of sweat flowed over my left ear from the top of the head. And then it happened. I saw her. Once again! My Arti! She was biting her nails and her head was down with brows raised eagerly, waiting to see me and when she saw me, her face glowed like anything I have ever seen on earth. I couldn’t control my emotions too. All those angry moods, the irritation, the inner voice which wanted to question her badly swept away like a sandal in a flood when I saw her face. I had smile on my lips.

She typed, ‘Hi..’

‘Hi Arti’

‘?? Formal?? Forgot?? How are you?’

10feb_best-jodi-konkona-ranbirOur faces became serious when we were typing messages as if we were silently speaking to each other.

‘Am good. There is no need for me to be formal. After all, who am I? And I never forget. I just get blamed for all the things most of the times’.

‘Clever. And what’s that “who am I?” You are everything to me’.

‘Please Arti. Please. I have never been serious and cheap. Don’t make me do that now’.

‘You can be, Sid. You can ask anything’.

‘No Arti. I don’t want to ask anything. In fact, I don’t have anything to ask. I believe you always’.

‘No, you don’t Sid. If you had believed me, you wouldn’t have lost in touch with me’.

‘Leave all that Arti. What now?’.

‘What now??!Nothing. You look as handsome as ever. You are my guy. So you will always be handsome’, replied Arti with that beautiful smile on her face now.

I wanted to be serious. But, I couldn’t be. I saw that message and I blushed like a girl, smiling, seeing down and then saw Arti. Her reaction was spotless. She was stunned by it I guess and I still don’t know why.

‘Oh what a mind blowing reaction…!  I love you Sid… I fucking love you so much’, replied Arti with that smile and waited to see my reaction with her cute and eager eyes.

I saw that message and didn’t react anything immediately for a split second as I was seeing into Arti’s eye. She was seeing me with that seductive tone and she gave a virtual kiss. That’s it. I couldn’t control anymore. My cheeks blushed and my lips smiled like it had never done so beautifully before and I grabbed a green towel which was near me and closed my face with it facing down and Arti was completely blown by it. It’s ironic that I was blown away by her and she got blown away by my blushing. All of it had come to an end. There was no thought of Stephen in my mind. I didn’t even of think of asking her about him and I had completely forgotten it. I realized at that time that I was happy because it seemed like Arti had once again come into the walls of my life and I didn’t want to let go of her by asking such questions. I think the same was the case with her too. We started to love each other once again without even thinking about the previous two years on how our relationship had a fall because we wanted to be with each other all the time. Somehow, we missed it and we didn’t want to go over it once again. She was typing in a lot of kisses in Skype while I let go of myself and surrendered once again to her.

‘I love you too Arti. I missed you so much. I love you always’. I wondered if it was me who was typing it.

‘Mmmmuuahhhh… You have my Bangalore number? I hope you won’t be having. It is +919843833543.’

‘Noted it down. Mine is the same’.

‘Cool. Will call you soon. Now I am going for dinner. We will catch up later. Is it okay?’.

‘Sure. It’s alright with me. Take Care, Arti’.

‘Where is my kiss?’.

Fuck… Once again I blushed… Only Arti can do this to me. I gave her a kiss and cut my video call. I noted her number down. There was a great feeling of exhilaration inside me as if I had achieved something impossible. I ran to my balcony and screamed in joy shouting a ‘whoooooooo!’ People who were busily moving in their day-to-day life stopped to see me. They might have thought that I had gone nuts. Of course, I was crazy. Crazy enough to live in a virtual world I created for myself!

This is the story of our relapse!

(To be continued…)

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  1. sindhu says:

    This chapter is full of Carzinesss in love:):) nice nice:) waiting for next chapter:)

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