On my way – Chapter 12

Jan 2, 2012

Long day at office today! It is getting hectic day by day and I am finding it uneasy to spend time idly. The worst part is that some of the family friends and relatives are not believing the fact that I work for Intel Corporation. I still remember the conversation I had with my neighbor, who happens to be a brainless arsehole, at home.

I was watering the plants in my lawn when he peered at my side and started the bloody conversation.

‘So which company did you say you are working for?’

‘Intel Corporation, Uncle’

‘Oh, India Corporation? Government job? How did you get it? I have been trying the same for my daughter for the post of Sanitary Inspector. They are demanding 20 lakhs, yaar! But, I am glad that you made it yaar’

He was continuing his ranting and I sensed that there was a tinge of envy in his eyes. The assumed thought that I had got into a government job hit his mind so badly that his face reflected them badly. I stopped him.

‘Uncle.. Uncle.. It’s not India Corporation. It’s Intel Corporation. The company which manufactures microchips which are used in most of the computers today. They are the building blocks of….’

I realized that I was giving too much talk in the situation through the brow rise in his eyes. He understood that it is only to people like him, I can give my technical discourse. Others would grab me by my crotch!

‘Ah..wait.. Wait… Is it the company which is behind the funny lines “Intel Inside. Mental Outside?”’

His interrogative expression showed that he was waiting for a reply.

‘Er.. Well.. yes.. Actually….’

I was trying to continue but he started to laugh hard. I was boiling inside by his reaction. How funny Intel seems to be for these guys?!

‘Actually, my son used to say this whenever he talks about you. So I had a mild doubt beta. Anyways, chalo. Carry on!’

Only then I realized how his son had made my company name sound dumb at his home. I guessed that he would have had a great deal of satisfaction by insulting me like this. What do they know about Intel?! Leave it.. Heartbeat rises when I think about such things…

I bought a Medium Peppy Paneer Pizza along with stuffed garlic stuffed breadsticks and a bottle of coke from Dominos while on the way home. It has been the best and worst for me in terms of eating at times. It has been six months since we rented this place at Chennai and we had visited this place like a 2000 times! I have had all pizzas in all its forms and all other veg stuffs. Yeah, I am a vegetarian and you know that. Vasu has tasted everything even though he is a pure vegetarian too. His favorite ones are Chicken Fiesta (only medium) and something called as a zesty chicken (only large) and side orders include Chicken wings and spicy twisty (One rare veg item which he likes!) I thought of buying some of these for him. But I had only 1500 bucks and I didn’t take my card too. So I bought a large amount of these vegetarian items which he would be more than happy to share with me.

It was 9.45 PM when I reached home. I parked my bike and our home was in the first floor. Above that, there is a terrace where we enjoy our night outs facing the sea. When I was climbing up the stairs, I noticed that there was an air of smoke getting into my nostrils. Nearing the door, it actually increased. Opening the door, I couldn’t find anything except a place of white smoke. Immediately I switched on the fan and opened the windows to let out the smoke and I saw my dear friend Vasudevan staring hard into his system and coding something with a cigarette in his lips. I noticed that the ash tray had at least 20 smoked buds of cigarettes. I really got irritated with this habit of Vasu. He was killing himself and in a way me too.

‘Vasu, what is this?’

He didn’t notice. He was engrossed in his system.


‘Oh Yes… Came? Sorry I forgot to let out the smoke. I have a deadline tomorrow and I am only halfway through till now. Lots of pressure machi!’

Saying this, he turned back to his system again.

With disgust, I held a cigarette in my hand and said, ‘you are spoiling yourself with this da! And me also in a way’

‘Sorry. I will reduce it’, came a flat response. We both knew he would not reduce it and there are chances for it to only increase.

There was a secret wish inside me to smoke right from my sixth standard after seeing a movie in which my favorite star smokes one. What a style! After coming out of the theater, I bought a cigarette and was holding it in my hands and felt very anxious to light it up. My mom hadn’t turned up from school yet. It usually took 6.30 PM for her to reach. I had more than an hour to go and so I decided to buy one. I was standing in terrace. I never noticed that I was standing with the cigarette in my hand for more than an hour because the trembling thought that I had bought a cigarette at the age of 12 itself was a strong reason to be so. My mom arrived and noticed it and I don’t want to continue more about it now. I request you not to laugh and never let out this matter to anyone even to your closest circle please. After that, there has never been a time when I had been tempted to smoke a cigarette but something inside me always told me that I will be associated with smoking more closely. This was my second intuition. The first one, as you know, was when my inner voice said that Arti will not last long in my life after the relapse. I swept these thoughts away thinking that they are really insane stuff coming out of my mind dubiously whenever something positively happens. Poor me!

He went out of the room with his lap to the terrace stating that he has a call to attend and that shouldn’t disturb me. He told me that he will have his share of pizza later. The real reason is that he has to smoke while working on these deadlines. I don’t know how that pinch of tobacco enclosed in a cylindrical paper tubes grab billions of people around the world like this. Crazy people!

With these things running over my mind, I changed into my casuals and opened my lap to check out an office mail regarding a work I had done on that day. The system started and as usual, Skype logged in and was set aside. Before I saw if the net was connected, there was a call from Arti as usual. We had been speaking from morning till the time I arrived in through all the possible communication modes like SMS, calls, mails (through office mail! Don’t tell anyone especially if you happen to bump into my colleagues!), whatsapp, facebook etc., and Skype was the only thing that was left out on that day.

I attended the call and we both exchanged our casual kisses. Arti was in a black tee and so was I. Something inside me said that it was not the same Skype call as the ones that had been done before. I thought that I was looking hot in some way for her that day and so was she to me. She was also silent. I was seeing her lips and she was seeing my eyes. None of us did blush at that time. I was smiling at her and she was doing the same while I was trying to grab a bite of my pizza. She kneeled over before her system and rested on a pillow beneath her. My heart beats were slowly rising.

‘I am seeing your cleavage Arti’, winked I, showing myself super cool to her but was boiling inside with chemical reactions taking place rapidly.

‘So what, Sid? It is only you’, said she and bent over even more.

I realized that sweat was pouring over my head in all sides in thin lines. I wanted to make sure that if anything that is visible to her from my body that which shows my mood currently, I should make sure to hide it from the camera. So I checked my camera and it was only showing the safer portions of my body and I was relaxed a bit. Girls can do anything to arouse a guy and they are so wild to their men. Even if their men are periodical to them!

‘Ok, cool. Then I would like to see your top’. I blurted this out without a second thought. How brave am I or how silly is this!

She was shocked with her mouth open while a slice of pizza was getting out from my mouth which I never realized and she pointed that out to me. Quickly, I swallowed it inside. Now smile was back on her face.

‘Even I do want the same’, said she.

‘Oh sure’, said I not minding it as a big deal.

‘I mean I wish to see the less exposed part of your body’, said she.

Now, it was my turn to be shocked. But I didn’t show it mostly.

‘What do you mean, Arti?’

‘I mean what I meant Darling’ said she with the same winking smile.

I was silent. God I hate this game! I mean I want the scene to start soon! Don’t misunderstand me for a good kid!

‘Ah I wish to see your bottom’, said she. I mean how can she be so open like this. Doesn’t she have a common sense? I am a good guy. I am from an orthodox family. My parents never taught me to show my bottom to a girl before marriage. Ok I know I am over reacting. What to do? Men’s problem…! Too much to handle for a 21 year old kid! (Yes I am a kid only. No second thoughts please!)

‘Sure. One moment’, said I and went to the door of my room and slowly locked it from inside so that there is no chance for my roommate to enter without my permission. I once again checked myself again fully. Indeed, there was a chemical reaction that was reflecting in my body in the you-know-how way! I quickly adjusted my underwear and set my shorts perfectly and went and sat in front of my PC as an uber cool guy!

‘Yeah, I am ready. Let’s go!’

‘Went to lock your room, right?’ said she and started to laugh. Her roommate had gone to her hometown in Orissa and so she was left alone and was enjoying her time. I was embarrassed by this comment of her.

What can I do? Sometimes you have to give in to your loved one’s caustic remark so that you can enjoy bigger things! I mean really bigger things!

‘Yes, amlu. Er… Shall we start?’

She joined her hands in a praying posture and said, ‘God! Please save me from all these sins!’

I laughed like crazy on seeing that and she also enjoyed that moment.

‘So who goes first?’ asked she controlling her smile.

‘Ladies first!’ said I and silently thanked the guy who framed this sentence initially.

She was surprised by that sudden reply and she was thinking for some time while her smiled had not faded.

‘Ok done’ said she and rose from her lying position and sat in front of her camera and adjusted her cam correctly so that the top portion of her physique was seen neatly. I wondered if she had any experience in these things before. She didn’t have even a pinch of sweat while my tee was like I had been dipped in pool of water. Time to time, I drifted away and dried my face with a towel off the camera.

She signalled with her thumbs up asking if we are ready to go. I shook my head like a Himalayan yak slowly while my mouth was beginning to open and I was simultaneously trying hard to close it.

She was removing her tee. It was seen in a slow motion. First, her navel was seen. I was dumbstruck on seeing it. I wouldn’t say it was too sexy like that of Jennifer Aniston but it resembled Parineeti Chopra’s navel. I have never seen her navel in any movie but I thought that maybe she had the exact navel like my amlu. She was still opening her tee when I first noticed the glimpse of that white bra. At that moment I realized how majestic she was! You know what I mean! Don’t think bad that I am describing my own girlfriend like this! (I know you will tell this part to many of your friends. Please don’t do that. Let this be a secret between us. Okay?) I was beginning to see the starting trace of it when it happened! It happened! Well I can never forget this thing in my life! Shame on my state! Fuck my government!


I was irritated to the core. Every part in my body came to its original posture. Shit! Fuck!!!!!!!!!

I received a ping immediately.

‘Ha ha. Amlu.. Power Cut??  😀 😀 😀 😛 😛 😛 You deserve it baby!  😀 Mmmmuuahhhh to that sweet face.. I wanna bite those lips badly now! 😀 :D. Waiting for that moment’

I got so irritated that I thought of even throwing the cellphone away. But, my parents won’t allow me to buy a new mobile anymore and they will kill me by always pinpointing about it if I ever buy a new one. So I decided not to. I had a smile too on my lips considering the fact that my amlu loved each and every bit of me. I was sitting in that dark room thinking about her. I never knew when the current was going to come again. There was no signs of Vasu also from the terrace,

So, I did what other guys would have done under similar circumstances.

Not able to find???? Okay, here goes the clues:

1)      Self-help is the best help – Swami Kamananda

2)      My power is in my hands – Swami Siddarthananda (Yes, it’s me!)

(To be continued…)

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