On my way – Chapter 13

Author’s note :

Just when you thought this was over……..

The last post was on April 27, 2013 and it has been a year of wait for my beloved readers to read the next chapter.
Most of you must have forgotten the story! I totally get it! Even I had to go through the story from the start to come up with the new chapter.
This one year has been the toughest phase of my career. Even though it was hectic, it was a roller coaster ride of a lot of things! Anyways, I shouldn’t be giving reasons. It’s not right to make your readers wait when you have a story to tell. From now on, I assure you that the posts will be published in regular intervals.
Apologies for the same!
Am grateful to all my readers who personally contacted me a lot of times to know when the next chapter would be published. Thanks to all those who encouraged me to write as well!

Happy reading!

Chapter 13

January 3, 2012

‘Have you ever smoked up?!!!’

The first message I saw in my mobile at 10:19 AM in the morning after last night’s disaster caused by the fucking  Electricity Board! My eyes were not even open fully! Felt like I was in a hangover or something!
It was Arti’s ping on Google Talk in my mobile.
‘Where are you?!’
‘Office?! What question is this, Sid?!’
‘How the fuck do you do that?!’
‘Do what?!!!’ came Arti’s ping. It looked like she was only doing the work of chatting with me and nothing else. Why are they still having her in their company? They should fire her. May be, I should send a mail to their company HR!
‘You are already in office! Am not even up! I envy you, Arti!’ with a grudge smiley.
‘Ah, well Sid. I am not like you sweetie. Am an early riser. You must have boozed last night! 😀 :D’
This is one of those messages which really irritates me. How many times should I tell her that I don’t……..?! Fuck it!
‘Yeah, I did’
‘No, you didn’t 😀 Come on, don’t behave like a grown up! 😀 :D’
‘WTF! Don’t pull my legs now’
‘I won’t. But, I like it very much. It’s super sexy :D’
Whatever!!!! I didn’t reply.
Arti waited for hardly five seconds. The ping flashed again.
‘BTW, sorry for asking the wrong question :)’
‘What question?!’
‘That if you have smoked up! 😀 😀 ha ha… I am dealing with babies here! :D’
Arti loves doing this. Whenever I am up from sleep, I am usually irritated. A sort of sullen nature. This is the time she uses to her advantage.
‘Oh please… I haven’t done it.. What now?!’
‘Cutenessssss!!!!!! To see my amlu like this 😉 🙂 :* ‘
It brought back the smile on my face. Even my eyes were completely open. I was brought back to my senses.
Need to brush, take shower, press my clothes and polish my shoes before I head to office. I hate these daily duties. Routine and monotonous!
Vasu was not seen anywhere in the home. Guess he has already gone for work! What’s with me??! Have I become lazy or what?! This guy drinks and smokes and sleeps with his GF whenever he gets the opportunity but still is able to go to his office on time the next day! And Arti! She speaks with me all the time and she wakes up early too and goes to work on time! I was proper with all my habits and sleep cycles! Now, it looks like everything is flipping!
Thinking about all these things, I was brushing my teeth. Didn’t reply to Arti’s pings. She was asking if we could skype before I start to my office. How can she do it from the office?! I don’t understand!
As usual, I ignored her texts and got ready and started from my home. Today, there was a hell lot of traffic. I had to stop in every single signal. It was like the traffic inspector was waiting for me to switch to red signal at every junction..
I was only thinking about how these people make fun of me for not smoking, drinking etc., I mean I can understand if it was some other guy in nerdy glasses who is absolutely against all these habits.
For me, smoking has always been a dream! I have shared the story with you guys right?! That sixth grade wala story! Smoking is sexy. It’s just that I don’t have the guts to try it out. That too, when I see girls smoking, I get a boner immediately! This is true.. Should try to do something for this!

1:00 PM

Had a team meeting. It was mostly about things to start with for the new product we are about to develop. I didn’t look at my mobile at all. Otherwise, I will get distracted too! Arti can focus but I can’t. I don’t know if she is even working but I have just started out on my career and can’t be time passing here. Had lunch with my boss, Mr. Rahul Kohli, a tall and well-built man of early 30’s, from Mumbai, but settled in Chennai for career. I didn’t care to even look at my mobile at that time. I was sitting with my boss. It’s not proper to keep staring at your mobile while you pretend to listen to the person sitting opposite to you. At least that’ my theory. We were done with our lunch while the thought of smoking was pondering over my head continuously. Sadly, I had to accompany boss for smoking. What’s will all this people today?! Everyone seems to be doing it. I think the universe is giving me a message.

1:50 PM

Finally, I took my mobile to see the notifications. As expected, there were 33 messages and missed calls from Arti. I pinged her on G talk.
‘Sorry, was a bit busy with work!’
Immediately, came the reply.
‘That’s fine. What did you have?’
‘Egg rice. With my boss. Had a team meeting also’
‘Oh cool. I know you will always have reasons and your priorities are different ;)’
‘Means you don’t give a fuck about me I meant :D’
No reply from my side!
‘For me, the only priority is you.. you..you…always!’
‘Shit, you don’t know anything else to say. You are a total psycho, Sid’
Reply with some angry smiley in blistering red…
I didn’t know what to say. As usual, I followed the usual way.
‘I love you Arti….’
‘Awww…. 🙂 🙂 Love you too Sweetheart!!!’
I definitely need her help on this noble initiative that I am about to undertake today.
‘Listen.. Do you smoke?’
‘Err…. Yes, I have. Occasionally, in Chennai. Why? Why? Why? Anything on your head?’
From that reply, I was sure that Arti was very excited. I didn’t reply..
Then, came the next ping.
‘Do you want to smoke? Want me to teach you how to smoke?? 😀 :D’
‘Well, not really!’ I was very glad that she understood it. Now, I cannot give up my position know. I will maintain my dignity!
‘Oh, c’mon. I know. Let’s do one thing. You get a pack of smokes tonight. I will get too. We will do it over Skype. What do you say?! 🙂 ‘
I love you Arti. You are the wild demon of my imaginations. Helping me out with all my fantasies, was the thought on my head. But, my reply was more composed.
‘Hmmm.. Okay, why not? Let’s do it?’
‘Sure right? You should not ditch me on this thing’
‘Sure. Tonight’
‘Tonight 🙂 Love you’
‘Love you too 🙂 :)’Smoking
So, tonight it’s gonna happen I guess. Will I be able to smoke? The picture of my mom with a broom comes on top of my head now. Pretty scary. But, then this was Arti. My sweetheart. The one, who is ready to do anything for me. Actually, Arti is braver than me in these things. So, let’s see what happens today..
My conscience says, ‘If not today, then when Sid? When? Go for it!’
(To be continued…….)
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