On my way – Chapter 14

January 4, 2012

8 : 30 AM

Yes, it happened. Damn! 7 cigarettes……. Back to back! Arti smoked eight! I wanted to match her level. The only difference is she knows the process of smoking properly. I don’t, though I am surrounded by a bunch of chain smokers. First timers always find it difficult! Anyways, right to the flashback…..

Jan 4, 2012 – 1:00 AM

As usual, we were seated opposite each other with our laptops being the only barrier! Practically speaking, this small piece which hardly weighs five pounds increases the love (more importantly the intimacy) between us. I still remember Arti telling me not to ditch her on this smoking thing. Luckily, Ruchita was working in night shift and Vasu had gone out somewhere with Chinju and will be coming only after two days. First time, when I bought the cigarettes, hands were shaking as if I had actually smoked.  I went far away from the place I live and work to buy a pack of cigarettes. Goldflake Kings it was! Arti bought Classic Milds as she told me that this brand was unavailable in Mumbai.
Secretly, I was happy that my fantasy was becoming true. Surprisingly, the picture of dad or mom didn’t even come to my mind. I was completely hypnotized by this girl. She had also bought a lighter which I didn’t. I went the total Indian way. Used matches. Both of us lit up our first cigarette. My heart was in my mouth. Arti was excited very much. That made me forget everything.

Cigarette #1

The first one was crazy. I was dragging it through my mouth and that’s it! I didn’t know how to take it in through to my lungs. I felt it was never going to be possible. But, you cannot give up in front your sweetheart right?! I was enjoying it too. It’s only a matter of time before I actually learn it properly.
Both of us decided to drag it together and we started at the same time but Arti was too quick. She closed her eyes and dragged it deep enough that it must have filled her lungs. She opened her eyes and it was vaguely seen because of the smoke let out from her mouth.
‘Oh, Sid! This feels orgasmic!’
I dragged it somehow. It was only drifting around in my mouth and I let it out too.
‘Yes.. This is incredible’
‘Told you. What are you gonna give to me in return for this?’
The curiosity in her eyes and the smile on her lips killed me.

Cigarette # 2

‘Whatever you want Arti’
‘Yes. You can ask anything!’
Already, we were tripping as if we had some Spanish weed.
‘Okay, then. Marry me!’
I expected something else from her like last time. Thought this would go in a different track for which the general reason is always the hormonal instigation! But, it didn’t. Arti is hornier than me. But, this time, it looked like she was onto something else.
‘I have already said I will. Talk something else’
‘What when?!’

Cigarette # 3 

Arti was already going to complete the third one while I had just started and it had only been ten minutes then.
‘When will you marry me?’
‘Whenever you’re ready’
She was observing me for a long time in a still position with the ash outgrowing the length of the remaining cigarette in her hand. I was looking into her eye.
Then, she smiled. It is this fucking smile that makes me not to go away from her.
‘Glad. That’s fine for me’, said she with a wide grin.
She was back to her usual self. I lost it. Why is she opening up about some issue very seriously and then quits it as such?! Anyways, chuck it. I don’t have the mental maturity to think about it too. I feel she is time passing. THERE WILL BE NO LOSS FOR ME IN THIS RELATIONSHIP!!!
‘Sometimes, I can’t understand what you are up to, Arti!’

Cigarette # 4

‘What are you saying?’
I wanted to tell her that she is only flirting around with me and it didn’t look real at all.
‘Never mind!’, said I , ignoring her words.
I think I puffed a bit of the smoke deep inside for the first time. It felt crazy. There was silence between us for the next five minutes.

Cigarette # 5

‘Anyways, let’s talk some real stuff. What do you want to do today amlu?’:)
I didn’t know what to say for this. I was typing and deleting and redoing the same thing. She is clever. She enjoys things by manipulating me in a clever way to fulfill whatever she wants to.
‘Let’s do it online’
‘Do what, Sid?!’ said she with that mischievous smile of an innocent girl.
I puffed deep inside again. Head started to spin so badly. Arti had almost started her sixth cigarette.


Someday, I really wish to reach the orgasmic climax in sex. Because of that long drag of the fifth cigarette, I was tripping like crazy and after that, I took the next one and started smoking it. This time, I was doing it properly. I was simply nodding my head for the next five minutes not listening to any of her words. I missed a golden opportunity I guess. Arti gave me the cue many times. I was so down with the cigarette that I forgot the entire world around me. Of course, except Arti!


This was the picture on my head when I was on in my seventh cigarette with my eyes closed. “A beautiful world, where only two people are present. Arti and I. Sitting above the clouds with our cigarettes on our lips and love birds flying all over with a gentle breeze flowing over us”.
‘I love you, Arti’, said I still closing my eyes.
‘I love you too, Sid. Don’t even dare to think about leaving me’
‘Never’, said I and opened my eyes and looked up at her.
As usual, the Tamil Nadu Electricity Board(TNEB) switched off the power in my area. I was very grateful to them for having allowed me to chat till that time at least. My laptop was running on battery and the image of Arti looking at me intently was frozen on the screen as Skype was choking for breath(Internet) with its annoying sound!
I was simply looking at the girl for a while when my phone rang.
‘Hey, Arti. Sorry, ah p.. power cut.. ag..again’
‘Are you alright, Sid? You seem to be high’. I heard the laughing sound.
‘Yeah, I guess. But, I really enjoyed our chat today. Thanks for that!’
‘Shut up, Idiot. Don’t thank me’
I switched off my laptop and was lying down on my back with my eyes closed.
‘Hmmm. What’s up, then?!’
‘Nothing much amlu. Hey.. Did I tell you that mom and dad have fixed an alliance for me?! I am not sure if I told you this. Did I?’
(To be continued……)
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  1. Very cool story. Classic MIlds not Class Miles. Though its way beyond and Miles ahead.

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