On my way – Chapter 15

Jan 5, 2012 – 1:56 AM
I thought she was joking. I mean, come on, she can’t possibly say some crap like this in the middle of an unforgettable night.  So, I let it go. I acted as if I didn’t care when she told me that she is going to get hitched with someone really soon.
And so, the conversation continued.
‘Umm…. You didn’t. That’s not important now anyway!’, said I.
There was no reply from her side. So, I assumed that she had dozed off and I cut the call and tried to sleep. Power was not back yet. I don’t remember when I slept after that.
Jan 6, 2012 – 8:30 AM
I woke up at around 8 AM, unable to tolerate the stink of cigarettes. It must have been around seven hours but it was still there. I was surprised. And I decided not to smoke anymore because it was shit. My throat had this unpleasant taste which I don’t even know how to describe. Like you can’t imagine!
9:40 AM  I got ready to office in an hour after a series of usual morning rituals which includes brushing, pooping, going out for a cutting chai and showering after that. Still no reply from Arti. Button start in my bike gave some trouble. I think I should give my bike for service( I hate it!) So, I kick started it and rode on in the IT Highway for the next forty minutes.
I tried not to think about last night but somehow the red light in the signals made me go over about it. Everything else was going fine or at least I thought so.
There is this signal near Sholinganallur where all the vehicles try to find their way to the front even if they get a millimeter of space. It’s a huge signal that connects four different parts of outer Chennai. With all my driving expertise, I managed to come to the front of the line. That’s when the red light flashed and I was unable to go across the road because this huge, potbellied traffic cop was standing right in front of me. I had to wait for another twenty minutes before the fat traffic cop decided to have some form of pity towards our never ending line and allowed us to go across the road. I wish that a bus runs over him someday! Every time he stops a vehicle, he makes sure that he gets at least a two hundred bucks without bill!
In that twenty minutes, a lot of questions came to my mind. For some, the auto-response came immediately. For some, it took some time to go through my brain to validate whether the answer was solid. They are given in order below :
1) How did I smoke eight cigarettes yesterday?!
     Because of Arti.
2) Did we have phone sex yesterday?
     Probably not. I don’t remember.
3) Did she tell me that she is going to be married soon?
     Yes, she did.
4) Why did she say that? (For this question, the auto-response came after six seconds, if I am not wrong)              BECAUSE, SHE IS A BITCH! (I convinced my mind saying that this response came out of sheer frustration. I still liked her)
5) You know this is a time pass. Then, why are you worried?
     I DON’T KNOW or I am not ready to accept it.
Before the next question flashed, my eyes fell upon this hot girl who came from nowhere and stood near my bike, waiting to cross the road. She must be around 22 I guess. She was in a red kurti and wore this big black coolers which hid the most appealing parts of her face. Anyways, the cleavage was quite heavy and her back was really really really sexy. In the shape! Ufff…
That is when my testosterone level went up. It persuaded my brain to generate a different set of questions which I enjoyed listening to.
6) Will I be able to bang this chick?
    Yes, you can. Lot of work needed!
7) Did I JERK OFF yesterday?
8) Did I watch porn yesterday?
9) Why?How could I not watch?!
    Because of Arti holding on to my back all the time!
I convinced myself by saying that it is because of not watching porn or jerking off, my mind was wandering in circles about this issue. While I was exploring the possibility of jerking off in the office after reaching, the traffic cop pressed the button from his hand remote and the green light flashed and I vroomed my pulsar, letting ‘the girl with attractive bosom’ go off my mind.
10:43 AM Reached office. Came to my cabin. Still no messages from Arti. I was confused. Decided to go to cafeteria for a while.
10:50 AM – Cafeteria – Was sitting alone. Colleagues had not come yet. I thought of calling Arti. But, my ego never allowed it. Because I had to maintain that ‘Cool Yo’ attitude all the time. While I was pondering about it, I got a text on my mobile. Thank god! I unlocked it to see the message. It was Vasu. Fuck!
Vasu : Machan. I am in Mangalore now. Having a great time here. I will be coming only on Sunday night. Enjoy the weekend! Bang some chicks!
Me : Okay. Enjoy. Have the courtesy to inform if you consider me as your roommate let alone your best friend. Fuck you
Vasu : 🙂 Sure machan. It was all planned randomly by Chinju. Not by me. So, fuck you. 😉
Some people are fortunate enough to lead the life in their way. Hmmmmm..
11:20 AM Back in my cabin. Started to work.
12:50 PM Ten mins before lunch, a text came from Arti.
Hey, Amlu. Morning.. Sryyy.. Noon… I had a call today with the client which I totally forgot and ignored last night. Because of you 🙂 .. Love you… Mmuah…
Because of me!? My ass! I think she must have been on a call with her fiancee or something. Who knows?!
I am not going to sit and wallow in it. I didn’t reply to her text message. As usual, it was followed by 11 missed calls, 8 messages of ‘Hi’, 14 messages of ‘I Love you’ in different formats with a lot of emoticons from her. I was secretly happy that she was back in her ‘crazy on me’ mode but I feared that I was becoming obsessed with all these things and losing myself along the way. I should never let that happen.
1:40 PM I had my lunch with Rahul. Tamilnadu Meals. He is my colleague who joined in Intel on the same date with me. He is from Bangalore. He was a good company to spend time with. I never liked him. I don’t know why. He must be 5 feet 5 inches in height and had a decent physique.Chapter 15 He wore glasses and was always dressed neatly in formals. He is single and ready to mingle. No bad habits as far as I know. He is like that kid in ‘Johnson & Johnson’ baby soap TVC. He had this habit of having coconut water everyday post lunch. All shops are stalled outside our office campus which meant we have to take a walk of at least half a kilometer to have it. There is also a Hyderbadi Biriyani outlet in a shopping complex outside. That’s where people go out to have chai or to stock up on their cigarettes. Rahul used to call me everyday for a walk after lunch. I had always ignored it. For some reason, I felt like going out for a change because I was clearly not focused on my work today. So we took a stroll towards the place. I also had a coconut water sponsored by him. After that, I felt like my stomach was so full. For the first time, I needed a cigarette. I read somewhere that after meals, smokers have the urge to go for a puff. I started only yesterday. How is this possible? Am I a chain smoker now? No, I am not. I convinced myself. Plus, what will Rahul think about me?! He is an extremely disciplined guy who does not entertain this even as a fantasy. If he sees me smoking, he would stop talking to me and may be even cancel our future luncheons together. I would be really happy to dine alone but I don’t want to miss such an innocent and good character from my life. Otherwise, I am surrounded by chutiyas only!
We were having some useless conversations only. Mostly, Rahul asking me a lot of questions about my lifestyle and all that.
2:20 PM Back in the cabin after loitering around in the office corridor. Clearly, not in the mood to work today. Thinking of texting someone.
2:23 PM (Texting Vaidhyanathan aka VD, my best friend)
Me : Hey VD, What’s up?!
VD : ??
Me : What?!
VD : Is it you or someone else using your mobile?!
Me : It’s me fucker!
VD : Okay, you don’t text me from office. What do you want?!
Me : Nothing. Just…….
VD : Something is bothering you. I am not in the mood to talk now. Fuck off!
Me : K.. Bye…
What kind of a person has this guy as his best friend?! Mistake is all on my side only. 
Another 12 messages from Arti. She was going nuts I guess. HAHAHAHAHAHHA! I was happy for it. How can she say that she is getting hitched with someone soon?! That too yesterday during the first time I smoked! Wrong timing! I was thinking of replying her. That’s when I got a text. It was from Aisha, my college friend(I have already mentioned this. Just in case if you have forgotten her, she works for TCS now in Bangalore) other than Vasu and Chinju.
Aisha : Hey Sid, what’s up?!
I was very excited to reply her.
Me : Hey Aisha. Nothin much. How are you?
And then the conversation sped up.
Aisha : All good. How are you?
Me : Am good.
Aisha : 🙂 Listen. Any plans this saturday?
My heart skipped a beat. She is Bangalore. I am in Chennai. Why is she asking this?! I have never had a good weekend with others except Vasu, Chinju and VD. Usually, my Saturday nights are spent in sitting at Elliott’s Beach at Besant Nagar and Sundays in Chennai City Centre Mall where I go in the evening, buy a lot of books as if I am a compulsive reader(I still have some 30 books to read! Utter shame!) and eat in McDonald’s till I choke myself to death. But, a text from Aisha clearly invigorated me. I welcomed the prospect of she having plans for me because she is one of those good and hot girls who has always wanted to spend time with me in the college and I find it easier to go out with her because there have never been phony conversations between us. Holding all these thoughts, I replied her.
Me : No plans.
Aisha : Cool, I will be in Chennai on Saturday morning. Cousin’s marriage. We should meet up!
Thank God! Some relief from this ‘Arti bullshit’ for a while. I am not gonna text her till the end of this week. Let her go and do whatever she wants! I replied Aisha immediately.
Me : Sure. City Centre Mall in Mylapore?
What a chutiya I am! Don’t I know any other place in Chennai other than this mall?! Anyways, I messaged it. I can change it later.
Aisha : Sure. We will go anywhere you wish. You will meet me in the marriage hall?! It’s at Anna Nagar. I’ll text you the address.
Me : Cool.
Aisha : Also, one more thing. My dad wants to meet you. Just allocate five minutes of your time for that for me pls?! ;P 🙂
Whatttt?!!! Why does her dad want to meet me?!!!!!!!!!!
(To be continued…)
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